We inspire people who seek personal and professional growth by deeply immersing them in a pristine wilderness in Africa.

Tasimba Cheetah

“As hard as I will try, I will be unlikely to experience anything like Tasimba again in my life!” Rick Fitzgerald, Montreal, QC

Tasimba is the African safari experience like no other.

Together with a peer group of like-minded people, you will immerse yourself for a week in a luxury safari camp deep in a vast wilderness in the heart of Africa.  There, surrounded by teeming wildlife and pristine nature, you will be under the expert guidance of two of Africa’s most qualified professional guides. 

The Tasimba philosophy is founded on the belief that the African wilderness, the birthplace of mankind, remains to this day as our planet’s most unique environment in which to truly open our minds to new thinking and to renewal of our life’s purpose. Naturally.

Outside of your normal comfort zone, you will experience profound personal growth in self-discovery and self-awareness that will make a deep and lasting impact on you.  Experiences you will share will be etched in your memory long after you return home.

You will come out of Africa energized to change yourself and the world in which you live.

The Next Tasimba Experience

The Tasimba Experience is an all inclusive
program starting and ending at the beautifully tranquil
Linkwasha Camp in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.
Join us on our 2018 TASIMBA Safari Experiences:
October 29th – November 5th
And in 2019 we’d love to welcome you on these dates:
May 12 – 19; October 30 – November 6 
and November 13 – 20 

What does Tasimba mean?

Shona and Ndebele are the two main languages of the people of Zimbabwe. In Shona, the word ‘simba’ means strength. Tasimba means ‘Together We Are Strong’.  Nowhere is this more true than in the collective strength of the peer group of leaders with whom you will amplify your own experiences and create a lasting bond as a Tasimba Clan.