Zimbabwe has once again become a favored destination for travelers to Africa. This country, blessed with a wealth of scenic beauty, remnants of ancient civilizations and incredible wildlife, has seen a return to political stability over the past few years.  Once again, visitors can expect a hassle-free journey and excellent value for money, at the same time knowing that their tourism dollars are helping support the livelihoods of Zimbabwe’s friendly and hospitable people and their natural heritage.


Zimbabwe offers:

  • Some of the friendliest people in Africa
  • A safe tourist destination with many sites and attractions
  • One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the magnificent Victoria Falls
  • Convenient, easy access to other safari camps and destinations
  • Abundant wild and bird life
  • The best professional guides in Africa
  • Plenty of affordable attractions to suit any taste
  • Unique shopping specializing in cultural African creations
  • Fabulous climate, with warm summers and pleasant, dry winters
  • Unforgettable experiences!