Special Guest

To enrich each week of the Tasimba experience, we introduce a Special Guest who will bring some unique and valuable expertise to the group.  Our special guests participate in all our safari and camp activities during their visit, allowing Tasimba members the opportunity to get to know them and learn more about their particular accomplishments.

Our Special Guest in November 2016 and in 2017

Vernon Cresswell

Tasimba is proud to welcome Vernon Cresswell as our Special Guest at Linkwasha camp.  Vernon has enjoyed a very successful business career and at the same time he is a highly qualified safari guide. His strong business background coupled with his passion for nature, uniquely equips him to illustrate to Tasimba members the lessons from the wilderness that apply to our business and personal lives. 

Vernon Cresswell was raised in Mpumalanga, South Africa close to the famed Kruger National Park and so was introduced to the wonders of nature at a very early age.

Early in his career, he and some colleagues built a very successful Wealth Management business which they later sold to a large corporate. Subsequently, Vernon was hired by Standard Bank to start up their Private Bank and subsequently headed up the Bank’s Wealth Division across 19 countries in Africa.

Vernon left the corporate world in 2013 and now pursues his own Wealth Management business interests in South Africa.


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Throughout his life, he has combined his strong business background with his passion for nature. In his presentation to Tasimba members, he highlights lessons that we can learn from nature and wildlife behaviors that we can apply in our everyday personal and professional lives.

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Our Special Guest in March 2016

Neville Isdell

Tasimba was honored to welcome Neville Isdell as our Special Guest in March 2016.  Neville is the current Chairman of World Wildlife Fund (US) and former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company.

Neville grew up in Zambia where, after graduating from the University of Cape Town, he joined Coca-Cola, rising through the organization to become Chairman and CEO in 2004.  His passion for Africa and its wilderness developed in his early years has never diminished and he still goes on regular safaris.

“I am passionate about wildlife and about what we can all learn about ourselves every time we immerse ourselves in the African wilderness, the birthplace of mankind. Having attended Tasimba in person as a Special Guest, I see it as an amazing growth experience for a peer group of leaders in a wonderful safari camp, guided by superb professional guides. Like the first group I met, you’ll be glad you joined Tasimba!”  – Neville Isdell