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7 Days to Change Your Life

There are many unique aspects to the Tasimba safari that make it a life-changing experience for our guests.  There’s exclusive occupancy of our luxury camp. The Keystone Experts we bring in to inspire you. Teeming wildlife in a vast, private wilderness. Africa’s best Pro Guides. Our exploration of conservation, culture and community.  Daily surprises. And our uncompromising attention to every last detail.

But there’s one thing that binds all these together: Time.

Tasimba Safari - Linkwasha - 7 Days to Change Your Life

On most other safaris, guests spend 2-3 nights in one camp then pack up to travel to another camp for another 2-3 nights, and then maybe another. You barely get settled before you move on.

Not on our Tasimba safari.  With us, you have the unique privilege of an uninterrupted 7 full relaxing days in camp.

 Tasimba’s Secret Sauce

Here’s why 7 days in exclusive occupancy of our safari camp makes such a huge difference:

  • This beautiful place soon becomes your own ‘home in the wilderness’
  • The rhythm of the days, each one different than the one before, is spellbinding
  • Familiarity with your surroundings allows you to experience heightened awareness of yourself and everything around you
  • You get to know the Pro Guides, and they you, enabling you to learn so much more about the amazing wonders of nature

Tasimba Safari, Linkwasha waterhole, elephant and cape buffalo, 7 Days to Change Your Life

  • Every day, in one way or another, you will be inspired, naturally – like our tagline says!
  • There’s no rush to see and do everything in three days; we know to let Africa come to us in its own time – and it always does

Tasimba Safari, Linkwasha, Sunset

  • You’ll genuinely connect and build lifelong bonds of friendship with your fellow guests
  • Enjoy conversations with camp staff and feel the true warmth of local hospitality
  • A week of disconnection from the toxicity of our always-on lives puts you in an island of peace that you don’t want to leave
  • And, because you have the unique luxury of 7 whole days in camp, you can delight in a uniquely deep immersion in Africa that will change your life.

Tasimba Safari, Group Photo, Linkwasha

When you come to Africa, it’s not about how many places you go to. It is about taking the time to open your senses to its nature, to immerse yourself in its soul and to be inspired for the rest of your life. That’s our Tasimba purpose.

Give us 7 days and Tasimba will give you the experience of a lifetime!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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