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A Day in the Life of Tasimba

We are often asked the question: “What’s a day on a Tasimba safari really like?”

We have several answers, including: “Like no other day in your life before!”, “It will take your breath away!” or “Every day is different!” all of which are perfectly true!

But here’s an outline of a “typical-but-different” day in camp…

A Day in the Life of TASIMBA

At 5:30 a.m. just as dawn is breaking, a safari guide will call “Wakey! Wakey!” outside your room. Just time for a quick shower and then dressed in your safari gear (no bright colors) you head over to the main lounge for a delicious light breakfast.

By 6:30 a.m. we leave camp either for a safari drive in a 4X4 or a safari walk led by a pro guide. Whatever wildlife we come across, there will always be something different, something new, something we hadn’t seen before… always! During the four-hour safari, we stop somewhere in the bush for coffee, tea and cookies and to stretch our legs.

We return to camp at 10:30 a.m. full of stories and chatter about our morning safari activities and sit down to a sumptuous brunch on the main deck overlooking the waterhole.

A Day in the Life of TASIMBA

At 11:30, we enjoy two unique Tasimba events that occur simultaneously. The leader group gather in their daily ‘Indaba’. The Indaba is a traditional African meeting where the tribal leaders gather to share ideas – and that’s exactly what we do! With the help of our professional guides, we talk about the wildlife activities, behaviors and interactions that we observed on safari that morning or the previous evening, and discuss how those behaviors impact each of us and how they translate into human and leadership behaviors. Our safaris become our labs for learning more about ourselves from the examples of wildlife and nature!

At the same time, the spouses, partners and guests engage in their own equally stimulating activities. These are all themed around Tasimba’s and Wilderness Safaris’ core values of Conservation, Culture and Community.

A Day in the Life of TASIMBA

At 1:00 p.m. we adjourn for another unique Tasimba benefit. Years of experience in safaris in the African bush have taught us that the safaris are so full of amazing, impactful experiences that we need time to absorb it all and to let it sink into our minds, hearts and souls. We call this ‘Africa time’. During these few hours of downtime, you can sit on your private deck and watch the animals, read, journal, nap or have quiet conversations with others while lounging on the main deck by the pool.

Then at 3:30 we gather for ‘tea’ which always features delightful surprises from the Chef before heading out for our afternoon safari.

Sundowners Hippo Hole

At about sunset the guides will select a place for ‘sundowners’, a safari tradition where, in the middle of nowhere, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres are set out and together we gather to honor the sunset.

Darkness falls fast here, and the last hour of the game activity is a night safari looking for wildlife for whom the darkness is their most active time.

A Day in the Life of TASIMBA

Back in camp by 7:30 p.m. a wonderful dinner awaits us as the events of the day are told and retold. Finally, of course, we have the campfire, that magical time under the canopy of the southern stars when the flickering, mesmerizing flames draw out all kinds of conversation, laughter and shared stories.

What we can tell you is that every day is full of surprises – and of breathtaking, exciting, inspiring, and often life-changing, experiences!

But there’s really only one way to find out what a day on a Tasimba safari is like – join us!

In 2017 choose from 3 Tasimba Safari Experiences:
April 2nd – 9th
October 29th – November 5th
November 10th – 17th
Space is limited, so call today to book your unforgettable Tasimba experience!

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