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A Message from Mother Nature

While around one-third of the world’s population has been in some sort of lockdown, this Mothers’ Day Mother Nature herself has a message for us. Her messengers have been many of her wildlife species who have started to come into the cities we humans built for ourselves all over the world, and have temporarily abandoned.

Whether it is wild boar in Barcelona, mountain goats in Llandudno Wales, coyotes and deer in countless North American cities, pumas in Santiago Chile, wild fox in the heart of London or many other sightings, wildlife have been returning to places where they haven’t been seen in living memory.

Even in national parks that have been without tourists for weeks, like Yosemite here in California or Kruger in South Africa, park rangers report abundant wildlife enjoying undisturbed occupancy of normally crowded public areas.

Photos of cities everywhere show the astonishing comparison of clean air visibility now vs. what it normally looks like. Satellite maps graphically show pollution levels drastically lower. Even the water in Venice canals is reported to be cleaner. Our enforced stay-at-home time has given us a real-time demonstration of what happens when the heavy footprint of humans on the planet is lifted for just a few weeks. And nature likes it…

Nature’s message

Nature’s message is clear – and many of us won’t like it:

Nature and her wildlife would be better off if we humans were not here.

Human impact on earth has become so burdensome that the nature that gives us our very existence is struggling to keep itself in balance.  Climate change, air pollution, melting icecaps, coral bleaching and now this coronavirus – the signals of nature in distress are everywhere. But the reality is that there are 8 billion of us here, so our task is to mitigate the impact of our presence.

Tasimba - Mother Nature - Landscape

As a Tasimba guest, when you journey with us deep into the African wilderness, you are immersed in unspoiled nature that shows little evidence of human intervention. You marvel at the peace, the space and the raw beauty that surrounds you. You see how everything in nature is connected and how, left alone, nature preserves its own balance.

Part of nature

With each day, you start to experience a deeper inner sense of belonging to this wilderness, this nature. It feels like what it really is: humankind’s birthplace, your ancestral home. When you come with us to the wilderness, you will realize that there is no such thing as ‘human nature’.  There is just nature of which we humans are a part – a very small part in fact, but with a very oversized impact.

Tasimba - Mother Nature - Landscape Tree

When we are free to travel again, make it your priority to join Tasimba and experience our untamed, pristine wilderness. There you will understand the crucial importance of preserving the nature that sustains all life on our planet.

And our hope is you will come away resolved to play your role in conserving earth’s precious nature in every way you can.

Happy Mother’s Day to Mother Nature and to all the Moms, wild and wonderful!

“As desperate as our lives have become in health and economically and while many of our fellow humans are so sadly having difficulty breathing with this virus, our wonderful planet is now having her chance to breathe cleaner air. Her arteries of water flow stronger and cleaner and so many species of animal are now filling niches they once inhabited. Mother Earth is having her first holiday in centuries.”

– Garth Thompson, Tasimba Keystone Guest, Renowned Wildlife Guide

For a look at wildlife who have wandered into communities, check this out:

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