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What is it About Sunsets?

Sunsets are like fireworks. No matter how many we’ve seen before, we all watch them again and again.

What is it about sunsets?  I confess – I’m a total sunset junkie!  Can’t get enough of them. Who isn’t mesmerized watching a blazing orange fireball sink into the ocean until the last tiny little fleck disappears? Or watching the shadows of the mountains stretch longer and longer towards you until the sun quickly vanishes behind the rugged silhouette. Sunsets on lakes, on the open prairie, from the window of a jet long after the sun has set on the ground below – they are yet another of nature’s precious gifts to us.

When I was growing up in Zimbabwe, and ever since then when I have come back, we would go up to the edge of a steep west-facing escarpment, aptly named World’s View. There we would sit in silent awe as the sun floated down into the haze of 100 miles of rolling farmland 3000 feet below. I must have thousands of photos of sunsets – and I still take more. Every. Single. Time.


But the sunsets that reach deepest into my heart and soul are those in the wilderness, especially at a waterhole. Particularly in the dry season, when the air has not been freshly washed with rain for months, the sunsets are truly breathtaking. It’s as if the whole sky is alight in orange flame while the bright ball at the center of it creates reflections on the water and silhouettes of the animals quietly taking their evening drink.

Tasimba - Sunset - Elephant

And they’re not the only ones celebrating the end of another magical day in the bush. Out on our evening safari, we stop too. This is ‘Sundowners’, a tradition as old as safaris themselves. Our guests enjoy their favorite drink served by our wildlife guides-turned-bartenders. The excited chatter about animal sightings on the drive quiets down to whispers as the African sun makes its spectacular exit from another amazing day in the bush.

Like everything on your Tasimba safari, you will never forget a sunset. Until the next one takes your breath away.

Tasimba - Sunset

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