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Tasimba – THE Unique Safari

I’ve been in the Safari industry for the past 40 years and, in that time, I have come across many tour operators and safari operators who use the word ‘unique’.  It’s probably the most over-traded word in the Safari industry where many operations are quite similar to each other.

The Tasimba operation is certainly something I haven’t come across before. Hugh and Heather accompany their guests throughout the week-long safari and they go that extra mile to lead a thoughtful, inspiring experience that really is different.

What they offer is truly a unique Safari.

                                    – Garth Thompson,
“Widely regarded as the best African Guide” (Conde Nast Traveler)

What Sets Us Apart

We selected a vast, pristine wilderness with just three superb, intimate camps all operated by Wilderness, widely regarded as Africa’s best eco-tourism company.

The game viewing is prolific!  We’re in a private concession without other vehicles crowding every sighting. Over 100 species and 400 bird species are ready to make your acquaintance!

Our guests have sole, exclusive occupancy of one of our two beautifully appointed ‘home’ camps. The renowned hospitality of the entire Zimbabwean staff is focused only on you, our Tasimba guests – there are no other guests in camp!

Our guests enjoy a whole seven uninterrupted days. Because you are not rushing off to the next camp, our incredibly knowledgeable Pro Guides have the time to immerse you in, and truly appreciate, the wonders of nature.

Your two full-time Tasimba hosts introduce expert guests, local culture, thoughtful details and stimulating conversation topics for a uniquely deep and different safari experience.

Our Amazing Wilderness

We deliberately selected a vast (225 sq. mile) pristine wilderness, prolific with hundreds of species of wild and bird life, as Tasimba’s home. And, because it is a private concession in the National Park, you will see very few other vehicles all day.

What makes our wilderness experience especially amazing are the two Pro Guides who lead our safaris and immerse you in nature with their incredible knowledge and boundless enthusiasm. Zimbabwean guides are known to have the toughest certification requirements in Africa – since 1980 less than 200 have qualified as Pro Guides and, as Tasimba guests, you have two of them!

Every Day Is Different

No two days on safari are the same because you never know what wonderful surprises nature and wildlife will have in store for you. And you’re never disappointed!

On a Tasimba safari we include too, special activities that add yet more depth to your ever-changing experiences. You will visit a nearby village and primary school, you’ll go on a walking safari, and you’ll visit the “Scorpions” Anti-Poaching Unit, among many other surprises!

Added to this are the visiting experts that we bring in to enhance your experience and to engage you in stimulating conversation about Zimbabwean culture, community and conservation.

Deep Immersion

Tasimba’s unique opportunity of seven uninterrupted days and exclusive occupancy of camp enables you to become even more deeply immersed in everything the wilderness has to teach us. You have the luxury of time that’s not available on other safaris to watch, to listen and to absorb.

Because there is no WiFi and no cell signal, you not distracted and disturbed by the outside world. You have a rare opportunity to reflect on where you are in your life and to reassess what’s really important to you.

Here’s where our daily ‘Indabas’ are so valuable. In the tradition of Africa, we meet out in the bush for stimulating and inspiring conversations around a central theme. Our purpose is to enable your entire Tasimba experience to have an impact on you that will last long after you leave here.

We Are Your Tasimba Hosts

We are with you throughout your Tasimba Safari to ensure that your entire experience, from beginning to end, is the most enjoyable and unforgettable week of your life.

Hugh Coppen grew up in Zimbabwe and has had a lifelong passion for Africa, its people and its wilderness. From countless safaris, he learned that there is always something new that nature can teach us. His highly successful CEO business career in the US, Canada and the UK has led him to his current professional role as a leadership consultant and executive coach. He co-founded Tasimba in 2015 with Heather Weaver, with whom he has worked for over 30 years.

Heather Weaver is Tasimba’s Chief Operating Officer responsible for planning and the day-to-day operation of every Tasimba safari. She also heads Tasimba’s marketing efforts including our website, newsletters, events and social media. To Tasimba she brings a career history rich in people development, leadership, organization skills and a creative touch to our very unique program.

They Are Our Partners

Based on Hugh’s safari experience, Tasimba chose to partner with Wilderness, Africa’s leading eco-tourism operator of over 40 camps in 7 countries, including our two beautiful home camps, Wilderness Linkwasha and Wilderness Little Makalolo.

As our booking agent, and for all our guests pre-and post-Tasimba travel, we know no-one more knowledgeable about Africa and more professional than Piper & Heath Travel.

Both Wilderness and Piper & Heath are committed to caring for Tasimba guests with the same passion and excellence that defines our entire Tasimba Experience.


Our next Tasimba Experience starts on December 31, 2024, in:

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