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Africa Calls – Again!

“Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on earth.  Once you have been there, you will never be the same.” Brian Jackman

It’s true!  Anyone who has spent any time at all in Africa will tell you, once Africa is in your soul, it always calls you to come back home. Whether you’ve been there once or a hundred times, all our previous guests will tell you that the draw to return is powerful.

For Tasimba, we’re the lucky ones. Today we’re in Africa preparing to accompany our next two groups of guests on unforgettable safari experiences, one of which starts tomorrow and the other two weeks later. Everything is ready – and we can’t wait!

Africa Calls Tasimba Elephants at sunset


What we look forward to the most on every trip is to see the joy and the wide-eyed wonder of our guests from the moment we land at the tiny airstrip in our remote, private wilderness.  Then, as they become more deeply immersed in our week, we see transformations inspired by their experience of nature, wildlife and the world-class Keystone Experts we bring in to camp.

Our beautiful Linkwasha safari camp with its wonderful accommodation, food and service surrounds you with exclusivity and comfort. Every day here brings something new to interest, to amaze, to intrigue and to inspire you. The genuine warmth of the camp staff is captivating and authentic – you’ll see why Zimbabweans are known to be among Africa’s most hospitable hosts. And all of this is shared with other Tasimba guests with whom you soon become your own African ‘Clan.’

Africa Calls Tasimba dark sky

Location, Location, Location

Immersed in one of Africa’s most game rich, untouched wilderness areas we have over 100 wildlife species and over 400 bird species just waiting to meet you!  Twice daily, our pro-Guides will introduce you to the most amazing creatures of all sizes that dwell on the savannah and in the forests, while explaining the interconnectivity of all living things. You’ll begin to have a deeper understanding and intimate appreciation of the role of mankind in preserving our world’s precious resources.


Keystone Individuals

On a Tasimba safari experience, every day you will feel yourself being drawn inexorably ever more deeply into Africa’s warm embrace. And every day, you will be inspired to become a Keystone Individual and do whatever you can to make the world a better place because you were here.

And when, too soon, it’s time for you to leave us, part of you will remain behind and part of Africa will stay with you forever.

Once Africa has touched your soul, it will always call you back. Into Africa again.


Join us this May 10th – 17th, 2020.

Be inspired by the truly unique Tasimba Safari Experience.

Give us just 7 days to inspire you to become a Keystone Individual!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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