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The Best Possible Testimonial!

We are sincerely humbled by the really wonderful things our guests say about their Tasimba experience.  Their week-long curated immersion with us into the African wilderness is so much more than just a safari! Words like these have been in so many testimonials we’ve received:

“…an amazing growth experience…”
“…the passion Tasimba puts into the entire experience – it’s second to none!”
“…definitely life-changing!”
“…the whole experience has been way beyond my expectations…”
“…a unique and inspiring experience of learning and camaraderie in the African wilderness.”
“…inspiration from end to end…”
“…the wilderness immersion of Tasimba is truly extraordinary.”
“Tasimba blew our minds!”

Tasimba - The Best Testimonial, Elephant walking on safari

When our guests tell us things like this and more importantly when they tell their friends, that’s when we know that what we have created in this wonderful experience called Tasimba is a week of unforgettable memories for our guests. Mentally and emotionally, we know that they will often revisit their indelible moments in the African bush.

When guests choose to join another Tasimba safari a couple of years after their first, it is without a doubt the gift of the greatest testimonial we could ever hope to receive!

We are immensely proud, and deeply gratified, that we have two returning guests from our very first Tasimba trip in March 2016, who will be joining the couples already signed up for our October/November 2018 safari!  These repeat guests have both been amazing ambassadors for Tasimba and both will bring their own unique contributions of passion, wisdom and insight to our next safari, just as they did to our first. We are delighted to welcome them back!

Our generous Early Booking Allowance is still in effect until April 28th for the October/November 2018 safari.  Why don’t YOU take advantage of this incredible, limited time offer and join all of our great guests this fall? It will be the trip of a lifetime – and so much more than just a safari!


New this year! Tasimba Announces Advance Booking Allowances!

We’re thrilled to announce Advance Booking Allowances on any of our 7-day Tasimba trips in 2019. Join us at Linkwasha, our exclusive, luxury camp set in a vast game-rich, private wilderness.  Book in advance and SAVE as much as 30% on any Tasimba trip!

We look forward to welcoming you on a Tasimba trip!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
(Corporate and group rate packages also available).
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