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Tasimba – When’s the Best Time to Go?

We’re often asked “When’s the best time to go on a Tasimba Safari?”

The answer is simple really: “Anytime we have a trip planned!”

One of the reasons we originally chose Linkwasha in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe as Tasimba’s home safari camp, is because of its year-round excellence for viewing wildlife.

The vast private concession around Linkwasha is a unique combination of landscape habitat that sustains over 100 mammal and 400 bird species.  There are wide open savannah grasslands interspersed with teak and acacia forests.  And there are 14 waterholes pumped from wells 24/7 during the long dry season from April to December.

Lush grazing feeds countless buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and impala.  Excellent forest habitat hosts beautiful antelope species like eland, kudu, sable and others that are both grazers and browsers (i.e. they eat both grass and leaves).  Water, savannah and forest makes ideal elephant country – and you’ll find them here by the thousands!

Of course, wherever large numbers of prey abound, predators thrive, including lion, cheetah, hyena, and wild dogs too.

So, whether you choose to enjoy your Tasimba Experience in May, October or November, our richly stimulating week-long program will inspire you, sole exclusive occupancy of our superb luxury camp will pamper you, and the wildlife of Linkwasha will amaze you.

Come with us on our deep immersion in Africa and feel your heart beat with the pulse of our unique wilderness experience.

We look forward to welcoming you on a Tasimba trip!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
(Corporate and group rate packages also available).
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