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World Lion Day – There is Hope

Lions. Africa’s most iconic animal. They really don’t need a special World Lion Day because they’re the everyday heroes of movies, books, legends, stories and billions of photos. They are magnificent creatures, beautiful, graceful, social, powerful - and threatened. They…

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Who’s Watching Who?

From the moment our Tasimba guests touch down at the tiny airstrip, they are eagerly watching out for animals.  And, within minutes of starting their first safari drive in to camp, the Linkwasha wilderness starts to reveal her many treasures.…

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Look Deeply

One thing you soon learn on a Tasimba safari experience is to take the time to look deeply into this wonderful new world you’re immersed in.  Yes, we are but travellers passing through, but for 7 incredible days we get…

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Tasimba: Lessons from Nature

Look deep into nature… and then you will understand everything better - Albert Einstein Are you someone who, no matter what age you are, is always looking for personal and professional growth?  Do you have a curious mind that is…

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Guides Like No Other

Yet Another Unique Tasimba Benefit. After a 40-minute flight over miles of wilderness empty of any signs of human life, our small bush plane touches down at the remote Linkwasha airstrip in Hwange National Park. The very first people we…

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Water for Elephants

There’s an old saying in Africa that every elephant path leads to water. It’s probably true. Fly over any wilderness area populated by elephants and, particularly in the dry season, you’ll see that every waterhole has a myriad of elephant…

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To Name a Few

The wide, open plains, the watering holes and the acacia and teak forests of Hwange National Park are teeming with life.  In addition to the varied plant life, there are over 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals…

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