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Our New Tasimba Video!

We are very proud to introduce our new video, “Tasimba – It’s Time”. It captures the essence of what makes Tasimba such a deep, unique and profoundly moving safari experience. Tasimba is an inspiring journey of personal growth that stimulates…

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Our New Website is Live!

Today we mark another milestone in the growing story of Tasimba!  We’ve just gone live with our new website at We’re very excited to introduce it to you, our hundreds of newsletter readers! From the very first video on…

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Our Tasimba Blog

If you’ve been lucky enough to join one of our Tasimba safaris, you’d know that where we go is teeming with elephants.  It is, as the locals say, “where the ele’s are”.  Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and its cross-border neighbor, Chobe…

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Enriching the Tasimba Experience

Ever since our very first Tasimba safari two years ago, we have continued to change, adapt, improve and enrich the Tasimba Experience for our guests. Starting with that first trip, the feedback and testimonials from our guests has consistently been…

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The Best Possible Testimonial!

We are sincerely humbled by the really wonderful things our guests say about their Tasimba experience.  Their week-long curated immersion with us into the African wilderness is so much more than just a safari! Words like these have been in…

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Roaring into 2018

Like the majestic lion on one of our African safaris, Tasimba is ‘roaring’ into 2018.  We take great ‘pride’ in what we’ve accomplished since our launch in 2016! Our recent program changes, delighted guests on our November 2017 trip.  Nine…

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Inspiration from Experts

Every day on our safari, Tasimba features another visiting expert who introduces a different but inspiring topic, to stimulate great discussion among the group. In our daily indaba (meetings), at mealtimes, and in casual exchanges around the campfire these discussions…

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Are We a Keystone Species?

You know what a keystone is, right? It’s the wedge-shaped stone at the very top of an arch – just like the one in this picture. The ancient Romans perfected the building of archways when they understood that it is…

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Tasimba: Why YOU Should Join Us Too!

Like the very best African safaris, Tasimba too has superb, luxury accommodation, twice daily game safaris, amazing wildlife, breathtaking wilderness and excellent guides. But unlike other safari options, Tasimba has a whole lot more! On February 8th, on a cool,…

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Tasimba: Be Here Now

When was the last time you sat quietly and allowed yourself to really think?  To focus on the present, on what is right here, right now?  To unplug your earphones and switch off your smartphone?  To feel your mind, heart,…

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The Roots of Tasimba

“I’m intrigued,” she said, “How did you come up with the idea for Tasimba?” This was not the first time I’ve been asked that question by someone interested in joining a Tasimba safari, and I very much doubt it will…

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