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Coming Home – At Last!

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. And sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.” 

– Unknown

At last! At long, long last!

We are coming home for our first safari after exactly 900 days – and we can’t wait! 

On May 4th, we’ll meet up with the guests on our first Tasimba ‘Explorer’ Safari.  We are especially proud to welcome back Cathy and Paul from our October 2017 trip and Brooke from our November 2019 trip. When our guests return for a second Tasimba safari, we truly appreciate it as the greatest testimonial we could ever hope for!

We’re also so happy to welcome all our other guests, many of whom have been signed up for months in their eagerness to break the chains of Covid travel restrictions. At last, they get to take this amazing safari for which they have been waiting for so long.  We can’t wait to greet you all in Zimbabwe!

What’s in store

What a trip we have in store for our Guests! 

  • Two wonderful safari camps in two very different, but both very prolific, private wildlife areas;

Coming home to Africa Camp
Coming home to camp

  • An inspiring, young Zimbabwean woman as our Visiting Expert and Keystone Speaker, whose Ph.D. from Oxford was on lion research;
  • A powerful theme connecting our daily Indabas (traditional African discussions) with our exciting week-long activities for a deeply memorable experience;
  • Twice daily safaris led by knowledgeable guides that will go on a deep immersion into the wonders of Mother Nature;
  • The breathtaking power of Victoria Falls in full flood – a mile wide sheet of water thundering into a 350 ft deep gorge;

Victoria Falls

  • And, of course, all of the thoughtful extras that make all our Tasimba safaris so unique.

We ourselves are so excited to be again bringing guests home with us to Africa. Every Tasimba trip we have hosted since 2016 has brought us so much fulfillment. Through these unique safaris, we have had the privilege of watching so many guests be blown away by the incredible untamed African wilderness.  More importantly we get to see the transformation of guests who see the world, and especially themselves, in a whole new light. The Tasimba experience is meaningful, memorable, impactful and is a safari like no other. 

Africa, and our superbly curated safari, invites guests to see what is really important to each of them, and it inspires the purpose they want to achieve in the rest of their lives.

Inspirational.  Purposeful.  Impactful.  That is the Tasimba Safari Experience.

“Africa, with you, I am home.”

Tasimba. Coming home. Naturally.

View our stunning safari brochures here
Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

Important note: We work exclusively with Africa’s best eco-tourism company with whom you will be reliably secure in the knowledge that all current and new travel protocols will be always be adhered to. Be assured that we will postpone any trip if it is not safe to travel.

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