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Conservation – Our Shared Responsibility

Conservation of our planet’s precious resources is our individual and collective responsibility. In our leadership roles, we bear an even greater responsibility to implement and to model conservation behaviors in everything we do. If we as leaders don’t do that, then who will?

This message became very clear to our Tasimba members on our just completed safari.  They became deeply immersed in the vast, unspoiled wilderness while inspired by the passionate conservation culture of our luxury camp operator, Wilderness Safaris.

For Wilderness, conservation is manifest in several ways: the life-supporting pumped waterholes, the zero-ecological footprint of their camps, the expertise of their Conservation Officers, the commitment of the ‘Scorpion’ anti-poaching unit, or the passion of their wildlife guides and indeed all their staff.

Conservation, on safari jeep watching lions

From its very start 34 years ago, Wilderness has been driven by a single purpose: We exist to protect pristine wilderness areas and the flora and fauna that they support.”   To this day, that is the core of Wilderness’ mission.  They now have over 6 million acres of Africa’s most pristine wilderness areas under their concession.

But, conservation costs money – a lot of money.  What Wilderness does is to build aesthetically and ecologically beautiful, luxury safari camps in its game-rich concessions with two objectives:

  • To share the incredible wonder of unspoiled nature and wildlife with their guests, and to inspire them with a passion to preserve these treasures of our planet; and
  • To generate the funds they need in order to fulfill their core conservation purpose, “…to protect the pristine wilderness..”

Tasimba guests enjoy week-long exclusive occupancy of Wilderness’s incomparable Linkwasha camp. What they get from this deep immersion is an understanding of just how important conservation is, not just in this wilderness but to our precious planet.  The camp, the vast private wilderness, the teeming wildlife and the leadership of incomparable pro guides ignites a powerful emotional connection in you.  This feels like your wilderness because we hardly see any other vehicles.

To stimulate your awareness further, we bring in the Regional Conservation Officer to share his expertise.   We also take you to the Wilderness-funded Scorpions Anti-Poaching Unit, the very front-line warriors who fight wildlife crime in Africa.

Conservation, anit-poaching

The macro flashpoints of the global threats to conservation in Africa are human encroachment on wildlife ranges, ruthless wildlife crime and climate change.  On our Tasimba safari you meet passionately committed people who spend every day of their lives dedicated to preserving the pristine wilderness. They will inspire you to truly understand the importance of conservation to the survival of all the species in our planet, humankind included.

Our deepest hope is that our guests will be inspired by their Tasimba experience with a lifelong commitment to take responsibility for conservation, first in their personal area of influence and beyond that, hopefully, on a wider, more global basis.

For more information check out these videos by Wilderness Safaris:
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