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Exclusively Yours

Tasimba has many special qualities that set it apart from other safaris.  Perhaps the most unique of all is that we take exclusive, sole occupancy of an entire, luxury safari camp.

For a full week, the only guests in our superb Linkwasha camp are you and your fellow Tasimba members.  You may not see another vehicle all day. To be the only occupants of such a gorgeous camp, set in its own vast game-rich wilderness, is the ultimate experience in safari exclusivity.

Here’s why this really matters.

Typically, wherever you go in Africa, there is a constant in-and-out flow of guests who only stay in each camp for about three days. Their safaris are a moving feast where they get a variety of safari experiences. What they miss out on is becoming truly immersed into the wilderness.

For some people, that’s OK. But not for Tasimba guests.

Exclusive Tasimba Linkwasha Camp with cape buffalo

The magic of us taking exclusive occupancy of the camp is that you get to enjoy an undisturbed week in the superb comfort of this extraordinary place. Through the wonder of abundant wildlife and the serene wisdom of the wilderness you will discover new self-awareness and personal growth.

The longer you are here, the more deeply you value being totally cut off from the outside world. Disconnection opens your mind to reconnecting with what really matters to you.

Exclusive Tasimba Linkwasha Camp at night

Our amazing Pro Guides are able to give you far deeper insights of wildlife, nature and African culture than is possible with typical short-stay safari guests. Under the care of wonderfully warm camp staff, you will find yourself among friends who, like you, chose Tasimba because they wanted a uniquely deeper safari experience.

Africa experts all urge you to add extra time to your safari in order to allow Africa to soak deep into your mind, your heart and your soul.

Tasimba’s unique exclusive occupancy is how you do just that.

We look forward to welcoming you on a Tasimba trip!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
(Corporate and group rate packages also available).
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