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Some FAQ’s about Tasimba

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about the Tasimba Safari Experience. We work hard with our amazing team and wonderful partners to ensure that your time with us is an incredible, indelible experience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have. We’re happy to help and look forward to having you join one of our Tasimba Safari Experiences real soon!

When is the next Tasimba safari?

We love going on safari with our amazing guests! Our next Tasimba safari is October 29th to November 5th, 2018 but, sorry, it’s fully booked! But you can spend Hallowe’en in the African wilderness with us, next year!

In 2019, we have three great weeks for you to choose from: May 12th to 19th, October 30th to November 6th and November 13th to 20th. They will all be amazing safaris!

How long is the safari?

The Tasimba safari is 8 days, starting and ending at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. It’s a 50-minute light aircraft flight to our luxury safari camp where we stay for 7 nights.

How far ahead can I book?

You can book as much as 18 months ahead of your chosen safari date. Why not take advantage of Tasimba’s Early Booking Allowances of up to 30% off?

How do I book a Tasimba safari?

Just contact us at (415) 805-8611 or email us at It’s that easy!

How do I book my travel to Africa?

There are many airline options and routings to southern Africa. Direct flights are available from New York, D.C. and Atlanta; connections can be made through several cities in Europe and in the Middle East. Our Africa Travel Specialist partners, Piper & Heath, can help you with all your travel requirements.

Are any special visas required for Tasimba?

Visas are available on arrival in South Africa and Zimbabwe for most passport nationalities, including US and Canada. Citizens of some countries require visa application before travel to Zimbabwe – they are listed in Category C in this website

What else should I do when I’m in Africa?

There is too much to see and do in southern Africa to list here! Piper & Heath will customize a wonderful itinerary to match your interests, your available time and your budget.

What is there to do at Victoria Falls?

Victoria Falls is sometimes called “the adrenaline capital of the world” for all the exciting activities offered. There are just as many relaxing activities available, such as a sunset cruise on the Zambezi well above the Falls. Here’s a link to everything that you can do

Is Zimbabwe safe?

Parts of Zimbabwe went through some turmoil in the 2000’s but peace and growing prosperity are now evident everywhere. The Victoria Falls area and Hwange National Park have remained completely safe and secure. You will be charmed by the warmth of the Zimbabwean people whose friendliness is legendary in Africa.

What’s the food like in camp?

Two words. Delicious and plentiful! The menu varies from day to day and has tempting choices for every taste. So many guests ask for recipes that the camp are preparing their own cookbook! You will be amazed how they manage to produce such wonderful meals in a camp in the middle of the wilderness!

I have special dietary requirements. Can they be provided for?

Absolutely! After you have booked your safari, we will ask for details of any dietary requirements which the camp will happily look after during your stay with us.

Do you have trained wildlife guides?

Zimbabwe has the most rigorous qualification regime in Africa to become a Pro Guide – among the 4 or 5 guides in camp for our safari, at least two will be Pro Guides. You’ll be astonished at their knowledge about everything in the wilderness – and they’re the most engaging and entertaining people too!

Are the safari vehicles safe from animals?

Linkwasha’s 4X4 safari vehicles are safe, reliable and comfortable. Seating only six guests in three tiers, you will always have great viewing of wildlife. Guides will position the vehicle at a close, but always safe, distance so as not to threaten the animals. To preserve the pristine, unspoiled nature of Hwange National Park, the vehicles stay only on the tracks across the grasslands and through the forests.

Who are Tasimba’s Keynote experts?

Tasimba introduces a Keynote ‘headliner’ for two days early in the week in order to provide our guests with a deeper immersion in the wonders of the wilderness than they would otherwise get. Among them are some of Africa’s most highly regarded experts like Garth Thompson, Ian McCallum, Vernon Cresswell and Neville Isdell (US Chairman of World Wildlife Fund). During the week, we welcome other experts to camp as well, to further enrich your entire Tasimba experience.

Will we be sleeping in tents?

Theoretically, yes! But these are like no other tents you’ve ever stayed in. Built on solid, raised platforms and with rigid frame structure, the walls and the roof are tent-like material. The rooms are superbly furnished with ensuite shower and toilet, air-conditioning, a mini-bar and sliding glass doors to your own private deck that looks out over the grassland and the parade of animals. Every comfort has been provided and you certainly won’t think of your room as a tent once you’re in it!

What does Tasimba mean?

Tasimba has nothing to do with The Lion King! Tasimba is a word in the Zimbabwean Shona language that means “Together we are strong”. It refers to the powerful bonding among our guests that occurs in every Tasimba safari. We share such extraordinary experiences, so much inspiration, so many great conversations at mealtimes, on the vehicles and around the campfire, that friendships are formed that last long after the safari is over.

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