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Guides Like No Other

Yet Another Unique Tasimba Benefit.

After a 40-minute flight over miles of wilderness empty of any signs of human life, our small bush plane touches down at the remote Linkwasha airstrip in Hwange National Park. The very first people we meet, dressed in bush khakis and standing beside shiny, new jeeps, welcome us with smiles described by one Tasimba guest as “a mile wide”.  Within minutes we’re enchanted with their warm hospitality and engaging conversation.

Within the hour as we meander our way to camp in the open 4X4 safari vehicles, we come to realize that these gentle escorts really seem to know a lot about this beautiful wilderness we are in. And within days we are in total awe of how much they know about wildlife, insects, birds, plants, trees and this whole incredible world in which we find our self.

And by now we are absolutely convinced they are hands-down some of the nicest people we’ve ever met.


These are our Zimbabwean Pro Guides. Twice a day, morning and evening, they generously share even deeper knowledge of everything around us and describe in detail the interconnectivity of these unique and wonderful living things. They add to our safari experience a level of education and entertainment, second to none.


“When I arrived I literally thought the Guides would be just jumping in the jeeps with us and we’d be driving around looking for animals. I was not expecting their depth and wealth of knowledge. It’s not just a job for them – it’s a passion.”        – Jeremy Tibbets, Dangwe Clan, March 2016

Our Pro Guides are experts in zoology, biology, geology, botany, entomology and astronomy to name a few and of course, safety!  And did we mention that they are wonderfully warm, engaging people?  Nice, too!

By reputation, Zimbabwe has Africa’s most rigorous qualification requirements to become a Pro Guide, one who is licensed to lead walking safaris in the National Parks.  It takes at least five years of intensive study, several preliminary levels of attainment, and a substantial financial fee to be allowed to enter the final 5-day Pro Guide bush examination adjudicated by top-rated experts.

Since 1980, only about 180 people have reached the Pro Guide level in Zimbabwe. Is it any wonder that, on any list of the top wildlife guides in the whole of Africa, Zimbabweans are always well represented.

It’s another reason why Tasimba chooses Linkwasha in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe our ‘home camp’.  We want our guests to be guided by the very best Africa has to offer.

(And the nicest, too).

Zimbabwean Pro Guides + the whole Tasimba safari experience = one unforgettable African adventure

Watch as we share a few memories from previous Tasimba experiences of our unforgettable learning adventures with our guides. Safari anyone?


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