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Highlights from Another Amazing Tasimba Safari Experience

Delighted to have spent a week in the bush with the Cabangani Clan. It was another inspiring week with incredible game viewing, a superb camp experience and many unforgettable moments. Here are some highlights;

Tasimba Safari Highlights - Cabangani Clan

Tasimba Safari Highlights - Zebra

Tasimba Safari Highlights - Kudu

Indaba with Ian McCallum

There is no better place for open dialogue about Africa’s Keystone Species then in the bush with a backdrop of magnificent elephants passing by.

Happy to be going back into the bush tomorrow with the Kubatana Clan. Stay tuned for many images and videos following our return home.

Give us just 7 days to inspire you to become a Keystone Individual!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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