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How To Get Connected When There’s No WiFi!

We live in a connected world.  Our multiple digital devices ensure that we are ‘always on’, always connected.  It’s addictive – and, like any addiction, we can’t imagine being without it for a single moment.  The very thought of having no connection is terrifying to some people. But is it really that scary?

Imagine you’re deep in the African wilderness.  Vast open landscapes teeming with wildlife, stunning vistas, towering skies, quiet, serene and profoundly peaceful ambience – opening your mind and your soul to be deeply touched in ways you will never forget.  There’s no WiFi here.  No bars.  No intrusion by annoying ringtones. Just perfectly natural sound all around!

This is where you really disconnect.  Where for one week you leave all that digital noise behind. Where you soak in the sights and the sounds of pristine nature.  And it’s where one of our planet’s most amazing frontiers connects your mind and your heart to the wonder of the nature from which we all came.

Tasimba – the African safari experience like no other.

Tasimba is a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience for people who seek personal and leadership growth.  Deep immersion into the African wild, birthplace of mankind and still our planet’s most diverse natural environment, will inspire your mind and your soul in ways you will never forget.

Under an endless African sky, surrounded by the sights and the sounds of the unspoiled wilderness, and a million miles from the distracting digital world we live in, you will discover an overwhelming connection to nature.

Your senses will tingle in awe at the majestic power of the huge elephant just a few feet away.  You will feel your heart beating a little faster when you look into the tawny eyes of a nearby lion as he stares right back at you. You will never feel as aware of everything around you as you do when on safari.

Every day brings new experiences that will open your mind, heart and your soul to profound, life-changing self-discovery.

 Four unique things make Tasimba the safari experience like no other:

  1. Our African safari experience IS different. Our team of top professional guides get to know you by having you as their only guests for six uninterrupted days, inspiring you with insights and understanding of wildlife and the natural ecosystem that is far deeper than guests get on most other safaris.
  1. We take sole occupancy of an entire, luxury safari camp giving you unparalleled safari exclusivity and your own highly personalized environment.
  1. Like you, your fellow members joined Tasimba in order to get real added value from your African safari. Our visiting Special Guest will frame your safari experiences in a unique way to stimulate lifelong personal and leadership growth.
  1. Your entire experience will be curated by Hugh Coppen, who has deep personal roots and knowledge of Africa combined with his highly successful CEO career internationally.


It is only by disconnecting through the extraordinary Tasimba experience that you are then truly able to reconnect with who you are, what you value and what matters most to you for the rest of your life. Tasimba will transform your life!

Come join us this November 14th – 21st.

For more information, please contact:
Hugh Coppen at 415-805-8611
or email to:


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