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In a New Light

One of the things that many guests struggle with when they first come to Africa is how to manage the harsh light during the day in their photos. It’s a new light they haven’t experienced before, with the tropical sun directly overhead that seems to ‘burn out’ every exposure. It takes some getting used to – even for seasoned safari goers.

But, totally separate from the dazzling sunlight in their photos, there’s a different light that our Tasimba guests discover in the course of their unforgettable week with us. It’s a new light in which they start to see themselves, their priorities and our role as the human species in the precious nature that gives us life.

It’s not a great Eureka-like flash that hits them like a lightning bolt. It’s a growing self-awareness that starts on their very first safari in our huge, private wilderness that has no sign of human presence – except the 4X4 vehicle we’re in and the dirt track we are following.

Humbled by the vast open space, the huge sky, and countless animals, birds and insects coexisting in their natural habitat, it’s amazing how small one can feel. Like a visitor to our own planet.

Tasimba Safari - In new light - landscape photo

Out of Your Comfort Zone

Surrounded by this vast ecosystem that owes nothing at all to humans for its existence, and guided by the most highly qualified wildlife professionals in all of Africa, you start to realize just how much you don’t know. About wilderness, about nature, and about our very roots as a species. And about yourself.

This is all new to you and you may feel far out of your comfort zone. As if by magic, it opens your mind to listening, feeling and senses that you forgot you had.

And that’s when a new light starts to introduce possibilities.

Tasimba Safari - In a new light - sunset photo

As you feel your own self-discovery, you listen to the parallel experiences of your fellow Tasimba guests with whom you are spending this enlightening week. You are inspired by visiting experts who share with you their deep knowledge in conservation, culture and community. You meet local people whose warmth, joy and laughter refreshes your heart.

Every day brings something new. An amazing wildlife sighting. A surprise planned experience in this superbly curated program. A serendipitous moment in this incredible wilderness. And when you leave here, you know you are somehow different. You have memories and takeaways that you will never forget.

And you have a new light through which you see yourself, your life and this precious planet.

Give us just 7 days to inspire you to become a Keystone Individual!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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