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In Africa – It All Starts Now!

I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Everything is ready. All the pieces are in place. The camps are waiting for us. We are ready to go. Even Victoria Falls itself, now at peak flood, has never looked better!

In Africa It all Starts Now Tasimba in Victoria Falls

As we wait impatiently to greet our guests tomorrow, we’re excited for the unforgettable week that lies ahead. We have our own plans to make this an incredible experience for them. But we rely on nature, wildlife and the wilderness to perform their daily magic of wonder, of surprise and of life-changing moments. And, because every day in the bush brings something new, we know it will be so!

Every step of the way

We will be with them every step of the way to ensure that every moment of the next seven days makes this the experience of their lifetime. Over the years we’ve realized just how important it is for our guests to have us leading their safari in person. Not because we say so, but because it was Garth Thompson, one of Africa’s most renowned elite guides who said, after spending time on a Tasimba safari:

I’ve been fortunate to be in the Safari industry as a guide for the past 40 years, continuously guiding in Zimbabwe and all over Africa.

I have to say that the Tasimba operation is certainly something I haven’t come across before. Hugh and Heather fly from North America to be with their guests and they both are completely attentive to their guests’ needs throughout their week-long safari here in Zimbabwe. Most other tour operators just send their guests out on their own, where the guests go to these camps and then the camps look after them.

Tasimba is different. Hugh and Heather go that extra mile; they put gifts in the guest rooms every night and they bring speakers to come in and inspire their guests. It really is a unique Safari operation that they offer, unlike any that I have come across before.  


We take that as high praise indeed from a truly legendary wildlife guide.  Thanks, Garth!

And here we go again!  Starting tomorrow, we are thrilled and excited to welcome our next Tasimba guests to a week we hope will be with them forever.

Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.”

William Burchell

Tasimba. Welcoming our guests. Naturally.

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Important note: We work exclusively with Africa’s best eco-tourism company with whom you will be reliably secure in the knowledge that all current and new travel protocols will be always be adhered to. Be assured that we will postpone any trip if it is not safe to travel.

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