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Inspiring Keystone Individuals

Keystone species in nature are those that create a beneficial outcome for other species. Elephants are Africa’s iconic keystone species. Bees are perhaps the most common keystone species in the world. There are many more, like sharks, sea otters and wolves. Each of them creates a healthier ecosystem.

You can guess where we’re going with this, can’t you!

Humans are NOT on this list, not even close. Let’s face an uncomfortable truth: Earth’s entire ecosystem would thrive and be better off without our presence.

Keystone Individuals

We may be far from a keystone species but that’s not a reason to despair and give up hope. Each one of us can become a Keystone Individual.  We can each change our own behavior so that we actively reduce our negative impact on the ecosystem, and so that we make our Earth a healthier place for ALL species to thrive.

The reason Tasimba exists is to inspire our guests to become keystone individuals.  The vast private wilderness and prolific wildlife in which we immerse our guests opens their hearts and minds as to just how incredibly precious the natural ecosystem really is.

World Class Experts

Into this magnificent amphitheater, we bring in world-class experts like Ian McCallum, a doctor, author, wildlife guide and passionate conservationist – truly one of the most extraordinary people you will ever meet.  In two full days with us in camp, Ian inspires our guests to see that each one of us can do things differently that will create a beneficial outcome for other species and for the ecosystem.

Tasimba Keystone Inspiration group photo


When you sit with us under a tree, far from camp, surrounded by unspoiled nature and in conversation with Ian, you will see our world through a new lens. You’ll see the wildlife tracks around you and you’ll ask yourself: “What can I do differently to improve the ‘footprint’ I leave on Earth?”

And with that, you will start to become a keystone individual.

Our name, Tasimba, in the Shona language, means “Together we are strong”.  As we fulfill our purpose of creating more keystone individuals, we believe that individually and collectively they will help our planet to survive and thrive.

As our tagline says: Be Inspired. Naturally.

Tasimba Keystone guest Ian McCallum

Watch Ian McCallum’s inspiring TED Talk and spend two unforgettable days in the wilderness with him on our Tasimba safari!

Give us just 7 days to inspire you to become a Keystone Individual!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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