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Into Africa – On Safari

So here we go again!  Right now, twelve guests who want a deeper safari experience are heading to Africa on a Tasimba safari.

As always, we have a wonderfully diverse group of guests who have joined together because they’re looking for an African safari experience with a real difference. In our Kukura (Always Growing) Clan, we have couples and singles from the Bay Area, Michigan, Tennessee and Canada. We even have two repeat guests from our very first Tasimba safari in March 2016, the Dangwe (first born) Clan.

They have all joined Tasimba because they believe that this will be an unforgettable experience, so much more so than even the most amazing off-the-shelf safari. And they don’t know the half of what’s ahead of them! Even our two repeat guests, who enjoyed their first Tasimba experience so much that they signed up again, are in for some wonderful surprises.

Big things, little things

What makes Tasimba unique are big things – and little things too. Every day on safari has both. We’re happy to tell you all about the big things ahead of time, but the little things are the daily surprises that add to your experience in very special ways.  Like all our previous guests, you will love those little touches all week long!


Tasimba - Linkwasha - safari

Among the big things are:

      • For an entire week, Tasimba guests have sole occupancy of the beautiful, luxurious Linkwasha camp. It’s just you, nobody else!
      • You will find yourself in a vast, private wilderness teeming with wildlife – most days we may not even see another vehicle. Now that’s exclusivity!
      • We bring in highly qualified Keystone Speakers and Visiting Experts to give you deeper insights into your Africa experience – and fresh inspiration into your life.
      • You’ll be among a group of people who all chose to join Tasimba for the same reasons as you did – you will leave with lifelong friends.
      • You will learn about local culture and traditions both in camp and in the full day you will spend in a nearby rural village.
      • Your host has deep roots in Africa and will share with you stories and anecdotes of growing up here and his abiding passion for his homeland.


    We’re thrilled to be welcoming the Kukura Clan to Tasimba. They are in for the most amazing experience of their lives!

    How about you in 2019?

    Experience Amazing. On a Tasimba Safari.


    Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
    (Corporate and group rate packages also available).
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