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Are You a Keystone Individual?

The keystone is the most important part of a stone archway.

It’s the wedge-shaped stone at the very top of the arch – like the one in this picture. The ancient Romans figured out that it is the keystone that holds the other stones in place by spreading the load across and through all of them.  There’s no need for mortar, the survival of the archway is dependent on the keystone.

In nature and among animals, there are ‘keystone species’ on whom other species depend for their own existence. Elephants are ‘Africa’s gardeners’ on which countless other species depend.  Bees’ are nature’s pollinators on whom even we humans depend for much of our survival. Sharks, as the apex predator of the ocean, preserve the balance of nature so that no other species can overpopulate and wipe out most other species. There are others too: like hummingbirds and sea otters.

Let’s get this next part clear. Fact: humans are NOT a keystone species. There is simply no other species on earth that depends on us for its existence or would miss us if we were gone. Not one. (That includes your dog and, most definitely, your cat!  Sorry about that.)

 Tasimba - Keystone Individual - Arch

Keystone Individuals

The question is: Are you, or do you have it in you to be, a keystone individual?  That is, a person who inspires others to feed off your energy, your passion and your vision so that they themselves become keystones and contribute to the survival of the planet we inhabit.

We’d like you to meet an extraordinary man who understands, and lives, what it is to be a keystone individual. He is a doctor and a psychiatrist by profession. A poet and author by nature. And a highly qualified naturalist and wildlife guide by passion.  His name is Ian McCallum and, as he says when he introduces himself, he is “from the wilderness”.

He is one of the most inspiring people you will ever meet. Knowledgeable. Thoughtful. Unassuming. Deep. Gently, he will make an indelible impact on your life. Quite possibly life-changing. That’s what keystone individuals do in their own irresistible way.

You can meet Ian. Tasimba is proud to have him join our May 2019 safari as our Keystone Guest. You, as one of our 10 – 12 guests, can spend two full days with Ian on safari, in camp and around the campfire.

He may change your life forever. After all, he is a Keystone Individual.

If you’d like to watch Ian’s profoundly moving TED talk, click here.

Experience Inspiring. On a Tasimba Safari.


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