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Lifelong Dreams Do Come True!

The only man I envy is the one who has not yet been to Africa – for he has so much to look forward to.” Rich Mullins

Going on safari in Africa for you, like most people, is probably a lifelong dream. There’s an innate longing to see Africa’s iconic wild animals roaming free in their natural habitat.  But you can feel overwhelmed by the vast range of safaris, lodges, camps and locations that are out there.

Look, every good safari offers the essentials: great wildlife viewing; safe, comfortable accommodation; good food and drink; qualified guides and rangers; friendly staff; and a hospitable environment.  So how do you choose?

I grew up in Africa and have been on countless safaris in different countries. From that experience and from our years of taking people on the Tasimba Safari Experience, here’s our best advice to narrow your search: Choose the most exclusive safari you can afford.

A Truly Exclusive Safari

Here are our criteria for a top-notch, exclusive experience:

    • Less than 10 rooms – it’s simple really, the fewer the rooms the more personal the experience;
    • Five-star accommodation and meals, and great service – at our camp, there are over 30 staff for our 12 guests!
    • Only accessible by light aircraft. No fences. No roads. Just endless game trails weaving their way through natural, pristine landscape;
    • In a huge, private wilderness with no other vehicles – crowds of other vehicles ruin any sense of  exclusivity;
    • A wildlife-rich area with hundreds of bird and mammal species;  our camp has year- round game viewing with 106+ wildlife and 400+ bird species…just sayin’!


Exclusive Tasimba Safari, leopard

    • Highly qualified professional guides with a deep understanding of the area. Zimbabwe’s Pro-Guides are Africa’s most highly qualified – they have incredible knowledge of the wild and of everything in nature.
    • Minimal eco-footprint of the camp on the environment.
    • Operated by a top-rated safari company with a proven commitment to conservation.


Tasimba selected as our home camp the award-winning Linkwasha, operated by Wilderness Safaris.  Located in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, it meets or exceeds all our ‘exclusive’ criteria.

Exclusive Tasimba Safari, Linkwasha Camp

Enriching Your Lifelong Dream!

As a Tasimba guest, we enrich your safari with even greater exclusivity.

  • You have sole, exclusive occupancy of Linkwasha camp for the entire week – it’s like your luxury private home in the African bush;
  • You enjoy extensive engagement with world-class Keystone Experts who inspire your entire safari experience with their deep knowledge and perspectives;
  • You are with fellow guests who, like you, seek personal and professional growth and who have all chosen a more unique and exclusive safari;
  • You get to ‘indaba’ (meet and talk) with a rural village headman, joyful Grade 6 and 7 primary school children, conservationists, and anti-poaching field teams;
  • You are led by Tasimba Founder Hugh Coppen who grew up here and whose knowledge and history further enriches your experience.


A safari can be the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. An exclusive safari will be so much more. And Tasimba is the ultimate in safari exclusivity!  Come, see for yourself!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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