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Into Africa – On Safari

So here we go again!  Right now, twelve guests who want a deeper safari experience are heading to Africa on a Tasimba safari. As always, we have a wonderfully diverse group of guests who have joined together because they’re looking…

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Who’s Watching Who?

From the moment our Tasimba guests touch down at the tiny airstrip, they are eagerly watching out for animals.  And, within minutes of starting their first safari drive in to camp, the Linkwasha wilderness starts to reveal her many treasures.…

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What is it About Sunsets?

Sunsets are like fireworks. No matter how many we’ve seen before, we all watch them again and again. What is it about sunsets?  I confess – I’m a total sunset junkie!  Can’t get enough of them. Who isn’t mesmerized watching…

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The Wonders of Nature

The longer you spend on safari in Africa, the more you are awed by the wonders of nature. It’s not just the huge numbers of different species of animals, birds, insects and trees in the wilderness that takes your breath…

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Back to Our Roots

Humankind’s roots in Africa are over 2 million years old. But it’s only in the last 100,000 years that our intrepid forbears started a relentless pursuit of open space, spreading out frontier by frontier, all over the world. Whenever it…

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Lions: Uneasy Lies the Crown

Lions. Everybody wants to see Africa’s King of the Beasts. They’re truly magnificent creatures, beautiful, graceful, social - and lethal! Most people on safari see them resting under a tree in the daytime heat. The lucky ones see them feasting…

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Africa for the Birds

People don’t come to Africa to see birds. At least, not on their very first visit. Most guests only have eyes for the “big” animals – elephants, lions, buffalo, giraffe, cheetah, zebra, even hippos. That’s no big surprise! Then, after…

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For the Love of Elephants

"The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?" -Sir David Attenborough Every day should be World Elephant Day. Not just today, August 12th. Every day…

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Tasimba Exclusively Yours Linkwasha Camp with cape buffalo

Exclusively Yours

Tasimba has many special qualities that set it apart from other safaris.  Perhaps the most unique of all is that we take exclusive, sole occupancy of an entire, luxury safari camp. For a full week, the only guests in our…

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Our New Website is Live!

Today we mark another milestone in the growing story of Tasimba!  We’ve just gone live with our new website at We’re very excited to introduce it to you, our hundreds of newsletter readers! From the very first video on…

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Our Tasimba Blog

If you’ve been lucky enough to join one of our Tasimba safaris, you’d know that where we go is teeming with elephants.  It is, as the locals say, “where the ele’s are”.  Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and its cross-border neighbor, Chobe…

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