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Our New Website is Live!

Today we mark another milestone in the growing story of Tasimba!  We’ve just gone live with our new website at We’re very excited to introduce it to you, our hundreds of newsletter readers! From the very first video on…

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Our Tasimba Blog

If you’ve been lucky enough to join one of our Tasimba safaris, you’d know that where we go is teeming with elephants.  It is, as the locals say, “where the ele’s are”.  Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and its cross-border neighbor, Chobe…

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What’s Your Totem?

If I asked you “What’s your totem?” you’d probably think I was on some strange medication.  But if you ask that same question to the warm and friendly Zimbabweans who we meet on safari, every one of them will proudly…

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Big 5, Little 5, 105!

You’ve heard about the Big 5, right?  Many people, when they first come to Africa on safari, often seem to be on a mission to see the Big 5: Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, and Rhino - as if there are…

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Enriching the Tasimba Experience

Ever since our very first Tasimba safari two years ago, we have continued to change, adapt, improve and enrich the Tasimba Experience for our guests. Starting with that first trip, the feedback and testimonials from our guests has consistently been…

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Look Deeply

One thing you soon learn on a Tasimba safari experience is to take the time to look deeply into this wonderful new world you’re immersed in.  Yes, we are but travellers passing through, but for 7 incredible days we get…

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The Best Possible Testimonial!

We are sincerely humbled by the really wonderful things our guests say about their Tasimba experience.  Their week-long curated immersion with us into the African wilderness is so much more than just a safari! Words like these have been in…

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A Place to Hide

One of the most unforgettable experiences you’ll ever have on your Tasimba safari will be in the brand new “hide” at our Linkwasha camp.  Quietly you will climb down a few steps into a room, your guide will open the…

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So Much More Than Just a Safari

  Part 1 Guest column written by Rick Fitzgerald, Tasimba Guest, March 2016 It has been two years since I ventured to Zimbabwe for the most memorable experience of my life.  As a member of Tasimba, the African safari leadership adventure, I signed…

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Tasimba Safari Guides:

Your Passport to a World You Can Scarcely Imagine   Guest column written by David Markus, Tasimba Guest, November 2016   The Professional Guides at Tasimba’s home base camp Linkwasha, are one of the many components that make Tasimba such a transformative safari experience.…

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