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The Power of Disconnection

Being out of touch here in the wilderness is detoxing from this addictive drug we call social media! ~ Jeremy Tibbets, Tasimba Guest, March 2016 Let’s face it – we’re all hooked one way or another. Whether we’re messaging, Tweeting, Skyping…

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Tasimba: Lessons from Nature

Look deep into nature… and then you will understand everything better - Albert Einstein Are you someone who, no matter what age you are, is always looking for personal and professional growth?  Do you have a curious mind that is…

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Tasimba: Why YOU Should Join Us Too!

Like the very best African safaris, Tasimba too has superb, luxury accommodation, twice daily game safaris, amazing wildlife, breathtaking wilderness and excellent guides. But unlike other safari options, Tasimba has a whole lot more! On February 8th, on a cool,…

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Tasimba: Be Here Now

When was the last time you sat quietly and allowed yourself to really think?  To focus on the present, on what is right here, right now?  To unplug your earphones and switch off your smartphone?  To feel your mind, heart,…

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Our Wonderful Guests

One of the great privileges that we enjoy in leading our safaris is that we get to spend a week in the bush in the company of amazing guests who have been drawn to experience everything that Tasimba has to…

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The Roots of Tasimba

“I’m intrigued,” she said, “How did you come up with the idea for Tasimba?” This was not the first time I’ve been asked that question by someone interested in joining a Tasimba safari, and I very much doubt it will…

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Guides Like No Other

Yet Another Unique Tasimba Benefit. After a 40-minute flight over miles of wilderness empty of any signs of human life, our small bush plane touches down at the remote Linkwasha airstrip in Hwange National Park. The very first people we…

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The Power of the Peer Group

“Having attended Tasimba as a Special Guest, I see it as an amazing growth experience for a peer group of leaders in a wonderful safari camp, guided by professional guides.  Like the first Group I met, you’ll be glad you…

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Your Own Private Wilderness

A Unique Benefit for Today’s Traveller In the March 2017 edition of our newsletter, we told you about the huge benefits Tasimba guests enjoy because we take sole occupancy of the entire, luxurious Linkwasha Camp. Another unique benefit of Tasimba…

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Water for Elephants

There’s an old saying in Africa that every elephant path leads to water. It’s probably true. Fly over any wilderness area populated by elephants and, particularly in the dry season, you’ll see that every waterhole has a myriad of elephant…

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To Name a Few

The wide, open plains, the watering holes and the acacia and teak forests of Hwange National Park are teeming with life.  In addition to the varied plant life, there are over 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals…

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A Day in the Life of Tasimba

We are often asked the question: “What’s a day on a Tasimba safari really like?” We have several answers, including: “Like no other day in your life before!”, “It will take your breath away!” or “Every day is different!” all…

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