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Our Stories – Our Lives

We are all storytellers. We all live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

– Jimmy Neil Smith

There’s something magical about a campfire.

The crackling flames throw sparkling embers up into the black night sky. It’s mesmerizing, hypnotic even. It’s as if we’re transported back to an ancient time when the campfire was the center of our ancestors’ lives. It brings us warmth and light – and, as it did for them, a sense of safety. Out there beyond the flickering faces of our companions, is darkness and the mysteries of the wilderness night.

From time to time there’s a trumpeting squeal from the waterhole where elephants have come for one last drink before heading into the forest for the night. We didn’t even hear them arrive. Or we’ll hear a deep, contented rumble just yards away from us as an elephant family ghosts silently into the night.  A little later, loud splashing announces a buffalo herd, dark shadows of bad attitude who really don’t care who knows they are there.

We have no WiFi, no cell signal, so no-one is on their phone texting with a faraway world. We are all here in this moment, sharing this spellbinding and bonding week together, immersed in the very heart of Africa.  Here in this vast private wilderness, we are inspired to reflect on rediscovering our real self, who we are and what’s really important to us.

Tasimba, Our Stories, Our Lives, campfire

Telling Our Stories

It’s in this perfect, peaceful time that someone will tell a story, as if to the campfire. A moment’s silence will follow as others bring the story into their own life. Then another story will follow from across the firepit, and another after that. Some are emotional, some are funny, others are enlightening. All are insights into the lives of people with whom we are becoming more connected as we become more immersed in this amazing wilderness experience together.  

Storytelling is as old as human language. It’s how we communicate, how we learn, how we grow and how we remember. It’s about history, about heroes and villains, legends and mysteries, poignant moments and significant events. And it’s about our lives and the highs and lows we have each lived – the things that shaped each of us into who we are.

Since we were babies, our lives have been about stories, and since we first learned to speak as toddlers, we have told them – often, both then and since, with added drama from a loose blend of fiction and fact!

Campfires and story telling go hand in hand. In an amazing world far away of discovery and wonder, there is a crackling campfire with a seat around it – just for you! Come tell us your story on our next Tasimba safari.  

We can’t wait to hear it! 

Tasimba, Our Stories, Our Lives. Linkwasha Camp

Storytellers broaden our minds; engage, provoke, inspire and, ultimately, connect us.

– Robert Redford

Tasimba. Storytelling. Naturally.

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