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Our Wonderful Guests

One of the great privileges that we enjoy in leading our safaris is that we get to spend a week in the bush in the company of amazing guests who have been drawn to experience everything that Tasimba has to offer.

They all have their own reasons for joining Tasimba, but they share one thing in common: they are all people who relentlessly seek personal and professional growth – and find it through the inspiration they get from deep immersion in a pristine wilderness in Africa.

Take some of the first people to sign up, single or as couples, for our October 29th to November 5th safari later this year:

One reinvented the direct sales industry by focusing on creating a social, digital community around the product line. She took a 2008 startup and built it into billion-dollar company by 2016.

Another sees the Tasimba safari as an extraordinary opportunity for a nonpareil leadership peer group experience in the wilderness – and he knows a lot about peer groups having founded a CEO peer group organization which now has over 330 members.

Another is a fearless thought leader in the technology industry who is now transforming the cyber security space. She has joined Tasimba to continue to feed her perpetual drive for personal and professional learning.

Or how about some of our earlier guests who wowed us every day with not only their life and professional experiences but also their passion for the wilderness and the way they shared their personal growth experiences with their peer groups during the week:

A young CEO who is reinventing the urban forestry business and who came home from his Tasimba experience with 84 takeaways!

A CEO with a deep social conscience who had an extraordinary connection with a Village Headman and whose wife brought a new level of energy to add to the whole experience.

An insurance executive whose irrepressible enthusiasm inspired his peer group and led him to publish his safari “adventures” as a coffee-table book.

A highly experienced CEO in the adult beverage industry whose quiet, sage observations brought stimulating new perspectives to his fellow guests.

A strategy expert and passionate photographer whose input literally enabled others to see nature through a different lens.

A CEO in the home finishing business whose endless curiosity deepened the learning of the entire group.

A leadership guru whose experience and observations contributed greatly to the enrichment of the Tasimba experience.

A husband and wife team who brought a powerful combination of digital marketing expertise and a strong arts background, adding scope and depth to every discussion.


There’s no doubt about it: Tasimba has been blessed with amazing guests who each bring so much to this unique experience, and take so much away from it.

Join us this October where again Tasimba takes sole occupancy of the entire Linkwasha camp.  There are only a few rooms left – Come!  Be inspired. Naturally.

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