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Unforgettable Moments From Our Photo Albums

# 72:  Experience Tranquil

# 72: Experience Tranquil

Tranquil beauty. On a Tasimba safari.

#71:  Experience Peek-A-Boo Safaris

#71: Experience Peek-A-Boo Safaris

Stimulate your senses by learning to look beyond the obvious. Revealing safaris – with Tasimba.

#70:  Experience Exhilarating

#70: Experience Exhilarating

Twenty seconds on safari.  Imagine now 7 full days!

#69:  Experience Differences

#69: Experience Differences

Observing similarities allows us to see differences to celebrate.

#68:  Experience Laughter

#68: Experience Laughter

Always an abundance of fun and laughter – on a Tasimba safari.

#67:  Experience Confidence

#67: Experience Confidence

Stepping outside of one’s comfort zone takes confidence. Try it!

#66: Experience Going Out’ n’ About

#66: Experience Going Out’ n’ About

Get out and about. Explore new places!

#65:  Experience All of Your Senses

#65: Experience All of Your Senses

Learn to engage all of your senses to better understand the world around you.

#64: Company for Brunch

#64: Company for Brunch

Cat and mouse – safari style!

#63:  Experience Africa’s Big Foot

#63: Experience Africa’s Big Foot

Discover Africa’s Big Foot.

62: Experience Happy Hour

62: Experience Happy Hour

So much fun when the whole gang comes to happy hour at the waterhole!

#61:  Experience Dining Al Fresco

#61: Experience Dining Al Fresco

Discover this region where the diet is 100% natural.

#60:  Experience the Best Bath Ever

#60: Experience the Best Bath Ever

Discover relaxation – on a Tasimba Safari.

#59: Experience Authentic Africa

#59: Experience Authentic Africa

Life-changing, impactful, moments.  Experience Tasimba.

#58: Experience ‘Wilderness’ – in the African Wild

#58: Experience ‘Wilderness’ – in the African Wild

Over 40 years of delivering top notch adventures – meet Wilderness!

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