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Roaring into 2018

Like the majestic lion on one of our African safaris, Tasimba is ‘roaring’ into 2018.  We take great ‘pride’ in what we’ve accomplished since our launch in 2016!

Our recent program changes, delighted guests on our November 2017 trip.  Nine wonderful people had the lifetime experience of an amazing safari featuring all the unique added benefits that make Tasimba so much more than a typical safari.

The core elements of Tasimba remain unchanged – our luxury camp in a vast private wilderness teeming with wildlife led by Africa’s most highly qualified pro guides.  It’s our continuous focus on what sets Tasimba apart though that makes us so excited about 2018 and beyond.

Here’s what our most recent guests told us about why Tasimba is such an extraordinary experience:

  • The privilege Tasimba guests enjoy through having sole, exclusive occupancy of camp;
  • The inspiration they drew from other people like them who also chose to join Tasimba;
  • The visiting experts each day whose stimulating topics triggered great conversation;
  • Experiencing Hugh Coppen’s deep knowledge of Africa and his abiding passion for it;
  • Meeting the Headman of a rural village and being inspired by lively conversation with village kids;
  • Personal growth by being ‘out of their comfort zone’
  • The power of disconnecting from electronic devices
  • Realizing the importance of stepping back to observe lessons from nature and how much more we can all learn about ourselves and the planet we inhabit.

We’re thrilled to have 9 more people sharing their Tasimba stories.  In 2018 our guests will have even more to talk about because we’re adding yet greater value by extending our stay in camp to 7 nights.  It’s clear that, as the days in camp go on, Tasimba guests get deeper immersed into the wilderness, into sharing life and professional experiences with their peers, into their own personal growth journeys and into the ‘something new’ that each day Africa offers. They tell us they just don’t want the experience to end.  An extra day will be a big plus!

We will further enrich the 2018 program by bringing in a variety of visiting experts who will add even greater inspiration to the entire experience.

Please reach out to any of our Tasimba alumni.  They are more than happy to share their own Tasimba experience with you.  We’d be delighted to make an introduction as after all, they’re our best spokespeople!

We hope 2018 will be a wonderful year for you.  Why not make it truly unforgettable by joining a Tasimba safari this year!

Contact us about our Tasimba safari experiences in 2018:   May 5th to 12th & October 29th to November 5th.
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