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Sole Occupancy – The Ultimate Privilege

Of all the Tasimba qualities that differentiate our safari from others, perhaps the one that enables everything else to be so unique is that we take exclusive sole occupancy of the entire Linkwasha safari camp.

For an entire week, the only guests in this gorgeous, luxury camp are you and your Tasimba colleagues.  It really is your own private camp!

After a day or two in camp, all our guests, particularly those who’ve been on safari before, come to realize just what a wonderful privilege our sole occupancy is. Here’s why.

Typically, on most safaris, guests are booked in for three days creating a constant incoming/outgoing flow of guests. Just when you’re getting familiar with your new surroundings and companions, either they leave or you do! Your African safari becomes a busy schedule of moving from one camp to another, barely getting settled into one before you move on to the next.

One thing that wildlife guides and other Africa experts will tell you, is to make time on your safari for Africa to sink into your mind, your heart and your soul.  The magic of Tasimba taking sole occupancy of the camp for the entire week is that you have that precious time, uninterrupted by other guests coming in and out, to absorb Africa with all of your senses at an entirely deeper level.

Tasimba Sole Occupancy – Linkwasha Camp

It takes a unique and special camp to engage you for a week with both the excitement of abundant wild and bird life and the profound peace of the wilderness, while being in superb luxury.

That’s why we specifically selected Linkwasha, set deep in a private 140,000-acre wilderness concession in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Newly built, it overlooks a wide-open savannah and a waterhole that is a magnet for wildlife.

The longer you are here, in the company of Tasimba guests who fast become lifelong friends, the more deeply this place impacts you. Our amazing Pro Guides are able to share far deeper insights of wildlife and nature than others get on typical short-stay safaris.  You probably won’t see another vehicle all day. You’ll really get to know and appreciate the warm and friendly Linkwasha staff who look after you so superbly.

Tasimba Sole Occupancy – Linkwasha Camp

Sole occupancy of our safari camp creates a totally unique experience for Tasimba guests. This exclusivity brings you a deeper level of enjoyment and engagement of Africa that truly makes it the ultimate privilege.

Watch a two minute video on why Tasimba Guests love Linkwasha, home of the Tasimba safari experience.


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