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Take the Magic of Africa Home With You

“The quiet here is vast, the way Africa is vast. There’s so much space, so much sky. It’s profoundly relaxing to be so dwarfed by nature. What a relief from the world of right angles and exhaust fumes, of sirens, TVs, and loudspeaker announcements!”  A Tasimba Guest, March 2016

Some places we visit have a magical quality that impacts us so deeply that it somehow changes us.  For most of us, it’s usually something different like an old city, an island, an ancient place of worship, a stunning vista, historic ruins, an unspoiled wilderness, a mountaintop, a waterfall or a long list of other places. What they have in common is when this special place reaches deep into our soul and bonds us with a powerful sense of ‘belonging’ to that place.

Africa is all of those places, rolled into one.  Whether it’s the vastness, the wildlife, the people, the peace, or the combination of all these and more, part of Africa becomes a part of everyone who experiences it.


That’s the magic of Africa. Go ahead – ask anyone who has traveled there!

At Tasimba, we know that a core part or our purpose is to create the opportunity for every one of our members to feel that deep personal connection with Africa.  We know from experience that once that bond is made in our very first visit, it will always draw us back. The African wild, birthplace of mankind and still our planet’s most diverse natural environment, captivates our mind and our soul in ways we never forget.  We tell our guests “Don’t be sad that you are leaving; be happy knowing you will come back!”


How do we do it?  Of course Africa itself does most of ‘the heavy lifting’!  We immerse our members for a week-long enthrallment at Linkwasha, an exclusive luxury safari ‘camp’ located deep within a 140,000 acre private concession in the heart of Africa. They feel like they are the only people in this vast wilderness, surrounded by teeming wildlife, pristine nature and breathtaking serenity.

And then we add more!  Our members are led on their safaris by top professional wildlife guides who have been trained for years to pass Africa’s highest qualifications.  They have extraordinary knowledge, expertise, science and skill to be able to describe not just what we are seeing, but how each element of the natural world works on its own and how it fits into the larger whole.

magic-of-africa-3There’s another bonus for Tasimba members: because Tasimba takes over the entire camp for six uninterrupted days, the guides are able to build on the amazing experiences of each day’s safaris to give our guests an even deeper understanding of the wonders of nature.

Finally, we add one more unique piece to the magic.  We launch our ‘safari like no other’ with a Guest Speaker, a successful executive who is also a top level wildlife guide. He introduces “Natural Leadership”, identifying key leadership behaviors that our guests will see in nature when on safari.  The takeaway is a powerful recall of these behaviors that they will never forget when they return to their roles back home.

The magic of Africa is how it transforms us and how it captures our souls – and then calls us back again. Which it will – of that you can be sure!

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