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Tasimba’s Amazing Keystone Speakers

Headlining every unique Tasimba safari is a uniquely qualified expert guest.  Tasimba is so much more than just a safari that we invite these amazing keystone speakers to set the bar high early in the week for everything that we will do in the rest of the week.

Each of them has reached a pinnacle of success in their careers. And each of them is passionately connected with the wilderness and with nature.  They all share a deep understanding of what our human species owes to, and can learn from, our patient observation of species in the unspoiled wild.

Let me introduce you!

Ian McCallum

Take our May 2018 headliner for example.  You may never have heard of Ian McCallum but he is one of the most extraordinarily qualified and gifted voices anywhere for the sustainability of our planet.  He’s a doctor, psychiatrist, analyst, author, passionate amateur naturalist and a specialist wilderness guide – oh, yes, and he played rugby for his country too.  To learn more about the critical interactions of nature and humans, a few years ago he walked, cycled and paddled across 5,000 km of Africa, coast to coast.

Tasimba is proud to welcome Ian as our keystone speaker in May 2018.  After you watch his deeply moving TED talk you will know why you will want to spend time with him in the wilderness.

Vernon Cresswell

Vernon is another unique person who helps us bridge the gap between nature and humans.  Highly successful in a business career in wealth management – you’d think that would be the most unlikely occupation for someone with a passion for nature! – Vernon is a highly qualified field guide and the co-owner of a safari lodge in the prolific Sabi Sands area in South Africa.

Vernon engaged Tasimba guests with his ‘Lessons from Nature’ and they took away his intriguing book “Natural Teamwork”. Observing the common threads that link wildlife behaviors with the ideals of human and business behaviors is truly life-changing.

Neville Isdell 

Neville is the former Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company worldwide. He is also Chairman of World Wildlife in the US.  OK, so here’s someone who embodies the pinnacle of achievement in the corporate world with a massive commitment to the preservation of global wildlife and our environment!

How did that serendipity come about?  Neville grew up in Africa and developed his love for the wilderness at an early age. And, like all of us who have had the incredible privilege of growing up in the continent of human origins, he has never lost that passion for the bush. Despite his ever-growing responsibilities in the corporate world, he always made time to reconnect with Africa’s wilderness.

Each of these amazing people have a deep understanding of the vital importance of preserving our human bond with our deepest roots: our wilderness and our nature.

Individually and as a group they define Tasimba’s purpose: to inspire people who seek personal and professional growth by deeply immersing them in the African wilderness.

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
(Corporate and group rate packages also available).

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