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Our Tasimba Blog

If you’ve been lucky enough to join one of our Tasimba safaris, you’d know that where we go is teeming with elephants.  It is, as the locals say, “where the ele’s are”.  Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe and its cross-border neighbor, Chobe National Park in Botswana, together host the largest concentration of elephants in Africa, about 165,000 of these magnificent animals.

And Linkwasha, the home camp of Tasimba, has some of the highest densities of elephants in all of the vast area of Hwange National Park. Linkwasha’s very name tells the story: in the local language it means ‘elephant paths’. This whole area is interlaced with generations-old elephant paths – and, as every African animal (and human expert) knows, every elephant path leads to water.


So, the new title of our blog “Where the Ele’s Are” is a tribute to this unique wilderness called Linkwasha. In our blogs we will continue to share the stories of the Tasimba Experience ‘where the ele’s are’. And we will continue to share the amazing, inspiring, exclusive, Tasimba moments that will help you discover the heartbeat of Africa on your life-changing journey deep into its soul.

Wherever there is water in the Linkwasha concession – and there are 14 pumped waterholes – that’s where the elephants will be. (As will countless other species too.)


We are thrilled that our upcoming safari in October/November 2018 is already fully booked!  We are taking reservations for our 2019 safaris too. Join us and discover for yourself that Tasimba truly is the unique, exclusive, Africa experience!  


Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
(Corporate and group rate packages also available).

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