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“Tasimba is Truly Amazing!”

When several guests used exactly the same words to say that their Tasimba safari this month was a “truly amazing” experience, we have to believe them! Everything about this safari was really very special.

Tasimba Amazing Giraffe Safari

Just like the title of our newsletter, “Where the Ele’s Are”, we saw literally hundreds of elephants every day. They crowded the waterholes, drinking, spraying, playing and rolling in the water. Fascinated, we watched these magnificent, gentle giants for hours.

And it wasn’t just the elephants on this safari that made the wildlife so epic. It was lions every day, one pride with cubs, giraffe, huge herds of buffalo, sable, impala, and a pack of the seriously endangered painted dogs. Each day brought some wonderful new surprise, culminating on the very last day with a cheetah and her four furry little cubs feeding on a kill.

So much more than just wildlife

But a Tasimba safari is more than just breathtaking wildlife. Our guests were inspired by the knowledge, learning and stories shared by legendary African wildlife expert, Garth Thompson.

We all sat on campstools in daily ‘indabas’ under the shade of lone trees in the open grasslands, discussing conservation, culture and community.  On one occasion, a matriarch elephant calmly led her family right past where we sat, on their way to the waterhole!

Tasimba Amazing Safari Elephants at Waterhole

Our guests were also intrigued by a visit to a boots-on-the-ground anti-poaching camp. And they were captivated by the joy and exuberance of the children they met at a village primary school just outside the National Park.

Sole Occupancy

In the course of all this activity, a group of 4 couples and 4 singles, most of whom were strangers when they met, became tight-knit members of their own Clan – the Kukura (always growing). It’s what happens on each Tasimba safari. Our guests bond as they find themselves in sole occupancy of the luxury Linkwasha camp in the middle of a vast, empty wilderness. Sharing sumptuous meals, game drives, walking safaris, campfires and drinks at the bar is the fabric of lifelong friendships.

Tasimba is designed to be an unforgettable deep immersion into Africa for those who want to discover more about life and about themselves.

When our guests say it is a “truly amazing” experience, we believe we’re delivering what we promise!

Trunks up!  Watch this video to see how one elephant says hello to the Kukura Clan on our Tasimba safari.  What a greeting!


We look forward to welcoming you on a Tasimba trip!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!
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