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Tasimba: Why YOU Should Join Us Too!

Like the very best African safaris, Tasimba too has superb, luxury accommodation, twice daily game safaris, amazing wildlife, breathtaking wilderness and excellent guides.

But unlike other safari options, Tasimba has a whole lot more!

On February 8th, on a cool, rainy evening at the South Beach Yacht Club in San Francisco we shared what makes the Tasimba safari experience so unique with about 45 guests who attended our Tasimba Wine & Cheese event.  Among the displays of photos and accounts of our 2016 safaris, guests mingled while watching the hundreds of slides set to African music on the big screen and enjoying the open bar and finger food.  The highlight of the cocktail hour was definitely the four Tasimba 2016 members in attendance, Paul Migdal, Matt Clementz, Colby Zintl and David Markus who shared with guests their own deeply personal accounts of why the Tasimba experience meant so much to each of them.

Tasimba CEO & Founder Hugh Coppen gave a riveting and passionate presentation about his African roots, his dream to share Zimbabwe with North American visitors and what makes Tasimba the safari like no other. Each of the four Tasimba ‘alums’ followed (plus a video appearance by a fifth, Jeremy Tibbets) sharing their own personal anecdotes about what made Tasimba for them, so unique, life-changing and memorable.  Introducing Tasimba as “a once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience” they all spoke about why Tasimba is truly “an African safari experience like no other.”

Among the many special attributes of the Tasimba safari that they mentioned are:

  • A vast, private wilderness, teeming with wildlife – over 100 animal species and over 400 bird species;
  • No “queue to view” – most days you may only see one other game vehicle;
  • You’re in camp for 6 full days, disconnected and out of your comfort zone – allowing your senses to come fully alive as you see, hear and feel the wonder of the vast wilderness that surrounds you;
  • Six days in camp, twice the length of guests’ typical visits, gives you ample time to get to know the wonderful, friendly staff and guides. You will learn so much and leave with new found friends.


Then they shared some of the great add-ons that are completely unique to the Tasimba experience:

  • Having sole occupancy of the beautiful camp, Linkwasha, is truly an exclusive privilege;
  • You will get unique daily insights into this region of Africa from Hugh Coppen, who grew up there and remains passionately connected to it while at the same time having achieved business success as a three-time CEO;
  • Your company is people like you who have chosen Tasimba because they want a unique safari experience that offers them both personal and professional growth;
  • Outside experts are brought into camp to talk about Conservation, Culture and lessons from nature adding a depth to and appreciation of this part of the world that you simply won’t get anywhere else;
  • You will visit a rural village, meet with the headman, shop in a local market and engage in lively Q&A with children in a primary school – a heart- warming, unforgettable day trip;
  • From beginning to end Tasimba will add daily surprises, adventures and symbolic gifts to enrich and enhance your unique African experience.

The personal testimonials from the 2016 Tasimba safari members left everyone feeling inspired, excited, better informed and motivated to join a future Tasimba safari. As the room burst into applause guests gathered around the Tasimba staff and members to ask more questions and to hear more stories.  A lovely evening by the Bay indeed! Ask us about our next available Tasimba Safari date: October 29th to November 5th. We’d love to answer all of your questions and to speak with you about how YOU can join our next Tasimba safari! Tasimba is the African safari experience like no other. Here, unedited from the live Tasimba Wine & Cheese event, are the personal testimonials of four 2016 Tasimba guests describing the personal impact this extraordinary experience meant to them. Truly unforgettable!


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