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Tasimba’s Safari Secret – The Gift of Time

In a world in which time is becoming more and more compressed, Tasimba is proud to share our safari secret: the gift of time. Most safari goers are booked in 2 or 3-night stays at a series of different camps. Tasimba’s unique approach allows guests to enjoy 7 uninterrupted days of exclusive sole occupancy of one beautiful camp. This opportunity sets up an experience that transcends the ordinary, inspiring a far deeper immersion in the nature of the wild.


The best safaris are the ones on which you have the time to let it all soak in” — as told to Tasimba by an African guiding legend, Garth Thompson.

Get in sync with nature

Where short stay safaris are the norm, Tasimba’s 7-night experience stands true to that advice. Relieved of the hassle of packing and moving every couple of days, our exclusive week allows guests to get into sync with nature’s rhythm.

A longer stay allows you to feel the heartbeat of the wilderness.  This time outdoors, opens your mind to profound insights into the environment, the ecosystem and the myriad species in it. In the course of one amazing safari, patient observation of everything around you enables you to discover the extraordinary interconnectivity of nature.


A Deeper Dive

Wildlife takes center stage in any safari. In the heart of this diversity of animals, birds, insects and habitat, we are privileged to have seven full days of deep learning. Our incredibly knowledgeable Professional Guides, Africa’s most highly qualified, are expert teachers. Inspiring conversations with them provide insights into biodiversity, conservation, and the delicate balance between animals and neighboring human communities.

Visits to an anti-poaching unit and a day in a nearby rural village are both unforgettable experiences. Time spent with the local people creates greater personal awareness and connection with culture and conservation. It is through this deeper dive that your Tasimba journey becomes a transformational odyssey.


Indelible Memories

Photography captures moments, but Tasimba’s unhurried approach creates experiences. In the world of rapid-fire digital cameras, we all take hundreds of shots in the fervent hope that one of them will be that iconic ‘perfect shot’!

But a 7-day safari takes all the pressure off and allows us ample time to wait for, and to frame, shots we will cherish forever. Whether it’s catching the deep amber stare of a majestic lion or the blazing colors of a magnificent sunset, each day builds on the one before. We realize that we have the time to wait for that special shot! 

One of the most precious gifts of having extra time on safari – immersion. We can actually set the camera aside and simply watch, listen and absorb. It is this luxury of time that engraves those indelible memories on our minds and hearts. That’s pure safari magic!

What’s Really Important

Tasimba’s 7-night safari offers a perfect tonic to mitigate modern life’s hectic demands. While shared experiences bond our guests in long-lasting friendships, the profound peace of the wilderness rejuvenates us and wraps our souls in its serenity.

Time is what gives us pause to truly enjoy and celebrate the moments worth savoring. We eliminate the distractions of daily life. You are inspired to reflect, to find personal growth, and to redefine what’s really important to you for the rest of your life. Reflecting on ourselves through the lens of a vast, unspoiled wilderness and its prolific wildlife is what it means to be on safari.

All of this is made possible because of Tasimba’s secret ingredient: the priceless gift of time.

Adopt the pace of nature:  her secret is patience.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tasimba. The Gift of Time. Naturally

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