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On the day your Tasimba Experience ends, the very last of your many takeaways will be a card that reads:

I am Africa.
You have touched me and I have touched you.
You may leave but part of you will stay with me,
and I will always call you to come back home.

I am your Africa.

Those feelings resonate deeply with all our guests as they say farewell. Here are some of their own words about Tasimba:

What separates Tasimba from other safaris is the combination of an extraordinarily personalized wildlife exploration in a truly intimate setting. The Guides, Keystone Guests and group engagement are unmatched.
Tasimba Guest, November 2018

There’s no better experience to gain perspectives on yourself and the entire world than the Tasimba Experience.
Tasimba Guest, November 2017

This safari experience with really interesting people was unbelievably fantastic!
Tasimba Guest, November 2017

You offer an incredible product and I wish you all the success you deserve! Tasimba Keystone Guest, November 2018

A fantastic experience that is well worth it. Couldn’t be happier to have been here.
Tasimba Guest, November 2017

Excellence is at the core of the Tasimba experience. It was stunningly rich in learning, including learning that applies to business and leadership.
Tasimba Guest, March 2016

Thank you for leading two of the most memorable adventures of my life! Both of my Tasimba Safari Experiences far exceeded all of my expectations.
Tasimba Guest, March 2016 & November 2018

Tasimba is a top-notch experience that I’ll continue to draw from as I go forward in life.
Tasimba Guest, November 2016

Tasimba is a unique and inspiring experience of learning and camaraderie in the African wilderness.
Tasimba Guest, November 2017

Thanks so much for such a great experience at Linkwasha. It was truly amazing! It will remain with me forever. Tasimba Guest, November 2018

The biggest take-away for me, from this whole Tasimba experience, is going to be one of inspiration from end to end – and I’m most grateful for it. Tasimba Guest, March 2016

If you are looking for a fresh perspective on the world, or if you are looking to get deeply in touch with your soul…you can find it here on a Tasimba trip. It’s definitely life-changing. Tasimba Guest, March 2016

The visiting experts all added such great personal depth to the entire experience – well done in every way! Tasimba Guest, March 2016 & November 2018

Nature is the greatest teacher and does her best work when we’re not distracted by the minutiae of our modern lives. Tasimba Guest, November 2016

Having attended Tasimba as a Special Guest, I see it as an amazing growth experience for a peer group of people in a wonderful safari camp, guided by superb professional guides. Former Chairman/CEO of Coca-Cola, March, 2016

The Tasimba experience takes people out of their comfort zones, depositing them, alone together, in the African wilderness, supporting them with luxurious comforts, challenging them with new ways of thinking. This is not just a safari—it’s an inspiration. Tasimba Guest, March 2016


The level of quality, the content you are given, and the people you get to know are a testament to the passion Tasimba puts into the entire experience. Tasimba Guest, November 2016

Tasimba is an experience like you’ve never had, and you never will. It is beyond words, beyond anything I can say. You just have to feel it, you just have to be here.Tasimba Guest March 2016


Tasimba blew our minds and our expectations away in every possible way. Tasimba Guest, November 2017

Overall this experience has been just wonderful, and I am grateful beyond words to have been able to be here. Tasimba Guest, November 2016


Tasimba reveals an amazing world of natural beauty, stimulating discussion topics, environmental stewardship and incredibly diverse wildlife – one exhilarating day at a time. Tasimba Guest, November 2016

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