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That’s Two in a Row!

The only thing better than experiencing a really great safari is to experience two in a row!” 

– Tasimba

We love our job!

We host a unique, week-long deep immersion into the African wilderness, introducing our wonderful guests to amazing wildlife, Zimbabwean culture and community and thought-provoking conversations – African style!  And we get to share a superb camp in a vast, private wilderness, with great food, attentive hospitality, warm camaraderie and plenty of laughter!

On our second safari in May, we spent 7 uninterrupted days as the only guests in the beautiful Little Makalolo Camp with a great group of world travelers from the US and Canada who have known each other for years. They truly lived up to their Shona Clan name, Shamwari, meaning ‘good friends’.

From the elephant welcoming committee at the waterhole in front of camp on day one, to the closeup encounters with prides of lion, massive buffalo herds, and cheetah; our inspiring indabas, our educational visits with local conservation and community experts; and our fun themed guest gifts and surprise outings, the Tasimba experience exceeded all guest expectations.

Unforgettable moments – daily!

There’s always something new, something unexpected, something memorable each and every day on a Tasimba safari. Guided by two of Africa’s most highly qualified Pro Guides, our guests are inspired by breathtaking wildlife encounters and ever-deeper insights shared by the incredible knowledge and expertise of these ‘professors of the bush’.  Thank you Tendayi Ketayi and Luvmore Majee Murena Nowakhe!

Connecting mind, heart and soul

The vast, unspoiled wilderness, devoid of almost any sign of human habitation, generates a deep sense of connection with our roots. Not often does one get to spend time in so much space, to actually hear the gentle wind whisper through the tall grassland and to feel a connection and longing to know more about the wonders of nature.


With each passing day as you wander through teak and acacia forests, linger at waterholes and explore the open savannah, you feel more and more immersed in the wild. Then a day-long visit to a nearby rural village, spending time with the village head in his homestead and then with the exuberant local children, reaches yet further into your heart and soul.


Old friends and new

The Shamwari Clan brought deep bonds of friendship with them into this amazing safari. On to these relationships, in their week in the wilderness, Africa grafted indelible shared memories into their lives. Tasimba was privileged to be part of their Shamwari safari experience.



For the love of elephants: as a final parting gift from the wilderness, the Shamwari Clan quietly watched these families of elephant parade by our jeeps against a backdrop of 300 grazing buffalo. What a wonderful way to end a Tasimba safari!

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.”

– Author Unknown

Tasimba. Among Good Friends. Naturally.

Our Next Trip Dates:

Tasimba Signature Safari: October 28th to November 4th, 2023 (Book now)
Tasimba Signature Safari: April 23rd to 30th, 2024 (Book now)
Tasimba Signature Safari: May 6th to 13th, 2024 (Sold Out)
We also offer customized Tasimba Safaris for families, friends and affinity groups

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