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The Best Safari – Off the Grid!

We’re living in an era where capturing moments with our phones is more important than actually living with the person beside us.”

― Unknown

Can we talk?  

Most of us are in a relationship that needs fixing. The trouble is that we are so deeply entrenched in it that we don’t know how to go about fixing it – even if we really wanted to.

Deep down, we know we need to take a break, but how? We may not want to break up completely, but we want to change things to get our lives back in a healthier balance.

I’m talking about our relationship with our smartphone. (Oh, you thought this was about something else?!).

In a recent Gallup Poll, 58% of adults said they spend too much time on their phone. On average people check their phone over 200 times a day – that’s about once every 5 minutes that we’re awake!


We’ve become totally hooked on technology that enables us to engage in a digital barrage of communication with others, both one-to-one and through social media.  And as if our brains aren’t overcooked enough from all that, we also have a vast array of apps on our devices to further distract and entertain us.

Most people are reluctant to unplug and go off the grid because of one thing: FOMO (fear of missing out). They can rattle off all the ‘what if’ scenarios that may happen if they were offline. But if ever you’ve lost your phone or the battery died, what have you ever really missed that was critically important? Chances are: nothing!

Get off the grid

On our Tasimba safaris, we are off the grid for a whole week. Our guests know that there’s no cell signal in the wilderness, and no WiFi in the luxury of our camp. The thing that always amazes us is how quickly people adapt to their ‘digital sabbatical’. They love the sudden freedom of time and space. At the end of every safari, when we ask if they would have preferred to have had WiFi, the answer is always a unanimous and emphatic “NO!”

Elephants - off the grid with Tasimba
Off the grid sunset

What happens, instead of people being buried in their own world communicating with people 10,000 miles away, is that they have the privilege of quiet time watching the animals, of conversation, laughter, storytelling, great mealtimes, ‘Africa time’ to soak up the peaceful ambiance, deepening bonds of friendship and a real sense of genuine togetherness.

Unhook yourself!

This is what safari is all about. Being inspired and captivated by wildlife, the beauty and serenity of our vast private wilderness, and then having the time, without distraction, to talk about those unforgettable experiences with others with whom they are sharing them.

This is what our Tasimba guests do. For one whole, incredible week, they live in this place like nowhere else they have ever been, in this moment, in this life-changing experience. They put aside the nonstop busyness of their ‘always-on’ digital life. In the profound peace of unspoiled nature, unhooked from their phones, they start to rediscover themselves and what’s really important to them.

Unhurried, they watch the ebb and flow of countless species at the waterhole, they listen to the sounds of the birds and the animals, and they marvel at the breathtaking wonder of African sunsets. They end another amazing day sharing stories with each other around a crackling campfire under an inky black sky and a trillion stars of the Southern sky.

And for the first time in years, they are freed from the addictive spell of their smartphones.

Join us this October for your own liberation from dependency on your phone. And we’ll throw in the safari of a lifetime, the Tasimba safari!

One of the saddest moments I had in Africa was when I was scouting a safari camp one day and noticed that all 7 guests on the main deck were buried, heads down, in their smartphones. Not one of them was watching a family of elephants rumbling in contentment at the waterhole less than a hundred yards away. I watched alone as a small herd of sable wandered in, then some zebra and wildebeest. It was a perfect, serene safari moment. Deep in this pristine wilderness, I could not imagine how anything on their phones could possibly be more compelling than the pure magic of what they came to Africa to experience.”

– Hugh Coppen

Tasimba. Free yourself. Naturally.

Our Next Trip Dates:

Tasimba Explorer Safari: May 2nd to 9th, 2023 (Only 1 double room available)
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Tasimba Signature Safari: October 28th to November 4th, 2023 (Booking now)
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