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The Extraordinary Green Season

Anyone who has ever been on safari will surely tell you that every day is extraordinary. Since co-founding Tasimba in 2015, I have been privileged to spend many wonderful weeks in the African wilderness. I’ve witnessed many amazing wonders of nature and met some of the nicest, warmest, most hospitable people.  I’ve shared with our guests the magic of the dry season herds, the ebb and flow of life at a dusty waterhole, the indescribably breathtaking sunsets and 1001 other magical moments, but never before have I experienced Zimbabwe’s ‘green season’.

A New Year Adventure

A few days after the new year rang in, I boarded the first of several flights to what I have come to call my ‘home away from home’, Hwange National Park.  At the end of 2024 we are delighted to welcome a multi-generational family to Linkwasha, a beautifully appointed Wilderness camp in Hwange and home of Tasimba’s Signature safari. As I have never been to Zim at this time of year, a trip was in order to fully understand for our guests, what being on safari is like at the beginning of the wet, green season.

Serendipity.  The accidental discovery of something delightful; extraordinary; pleasant or perfectly suited to your needs that beats everything you thought you were looking for.

-Heather Weaver

I’ve found that the green season in Zim, lasting from November to April, is an extraordinary time to visit. The bush is lush and leafy. We’ve always been told that Hwange has incredible year-round game viewing.  Now I can say I’ve seen it for myself.  Yes, I expected fewer large herds that are typical for the dry season, but I certainly did not expect to see so many species of both bird and mammals. The game drives were epic!

Set against a backdrop of 50 shades of green and ever-changing skies, viewing wildlife in the green season is nothing short of magnificent. Huge puddles from the first rainfalls are everywhere so no longer do animals need to come to the waterholes to drink. On our game drives, every bend in the road revealed yet another jaw dropping discovery.

Exceptional Space and Exclusivity

Not surprising, as torrential downpours can be common, the green season is known as the ‘off season’ for tourists. To me this time of year is a ‘best kept secret.’  Having learnt the value of space and exclusivity on safari, the green season is even more so. I loved the solitude and serenity of the bush; the unexpected appearance of animals in the forest; the vast, open spaces and the endless cloud formations. And oh, the rain!  The camps easily work game drives, meals and activities around the weather so I did not feel like I missed a single thing. Appropriately dressed, like the wildlife we carried on regardless of what was happening and had the most amazing sightings. There were days where we were the only ones out on safari. What a gift!


At this time of year, birding becomes an activity in itself as many migratory species return to Hwange in the green season. It seems like all 400 bird species that make Hwange home, are flirting for your attention.  The birdsong is even more symphonic than I’ve typically known it to be. Frogs are plentiful and they too have their own resounding chorus especially after a thunderstorm.

Bundles of Joy

If you plan on a safari during the green season, be prepared to have your heart melt. Even though you read about it, nothing can quite prepare you for the abundance of babies everywhere! Wobbly legged wildebeest, impala and zebra; squirming, curious lion cub fur balls, playful month-old elephants who haven’t yet figured out what their trunk is for and many more species are frisky bundles of joy on the plains.

Green Season – My New Favorite Feeling

I thought I could not love safari more until I had the immense pleasure of experiencing the green season. I know a visit is what you make it but Hwange National Park this time of year makes it impossible to not have the best time.

Safari is always a wonderful time for nature lovers, photographers, and those who want to discover the wonders of life in the bush. The green season is all of that plus it is blessed with the intoxicating, thundering booms of afternoon showers; the indescribable fresh smell of rain on hot soil (it even has a name: Petrichor!) and the ability to witness the rejuvenation of the wilderness as it bursts with new life and an explosion of color. The green season is also a time less travelled so safaris are less expensive and not as busy.

Be on the lookout for Tasimba to announce a green season safari and discover it for yourself! Prepared for the weather, it is nothing short of an extraordinary experience. Green season.  My new favorite feeling!

Safari is immersing yourself in nature that is raw, powerful and absolutely wonderful. It’s peaceful moments of heartwarming tranquility wrapped in exhilarating rushes of adrenaline. It’s a plethora of jaw-dropping, awesome, magical experiences that sear into your heart and soul as fabulous, forever feelings. Safari is serendipity on steroids.”

– Heather Weaver

Tasimba. Loving the Green Season. Naturally

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