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The Power of the Peer Group

“Having attended Tasimba as a Special Guest, I see it as an amazing growth experience for a peer group of leaders in a wonderful safari camp, guided by professional guides.  Like the first Group I met, you’ll be glad you joined Tasimba!” 
– Neville, US Chairman WWF, Former Chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola

In our previous two newsletters, we shared the unique benefits that Tasimba Guests enjoy by having sole occupancy of the luxurious Linkwasha camp and by being virtually the only guests in a vast private wilderness of hundreds of square miles.

There’s yet another unique benefit for our Guests: the peer group of like-minded people with whom they share an extraordinary week-long experience.

Four things set our Tasimba groups apart from typical safaris:

    1. Guests who choose to join Tasimba are those who seek a lot more than an “off-the-shelf” safari.  Over and above wonderful wildlife around them, they want a deeper, richer immersion into Africa;
    2. Tasimba guests come from widely different backgrounds, occupations and places.  What they have in common are enquiring minds and a hunger to learn more about life and about themselves.  By joining Tasimba, they consciously embark on a journey of discovery;
    3. Far from their individual comfort zones, and disconnected from the surround-sound of life’s everyday digital noise, Tasimba guests open their minds and their hearts to a whole new level of self-awareness while, at the same time, they benefit profoundly from learning the differing perspectives of others in the group; and
    4. Because they are together as a group for the entire week, undisturbed by daily guest arrivals and departures of typical safaris, they develop genuine camaraderie, friendships and bonding as they discover each other’s life story and leadership experiences. This is where our Guests fully appreciate the true meaning of the Shona language word ‘Tasimba’: Together We Are Strong.

What makes our peer groups so powerful are the opportunities, in our daily Indaba (traditional meeting) with visiting experts, at mealtimes or around the campfire, to engage in deep discussions that enrich their takeaway and understanding of the lifelong impact this wilderness experience will have on their personal and business lives back home.

The power of the peer group – a truly unique benefit that adds yet more value to make Tasimba the African safari experience like no other.



Tasimba – the African Safari Experience Like No Other.

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