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The Tasimba Impact

One of the greatest privileges of leading our safaris is that we get to see the Tasimba impact made on our guests after our week together in the African wilderness. That impact isn’t caused by any one part of the week, but rather by all the different pieces being woven together into one all-encompassing and unforgettable experience.

It starts at the dirt airstrip in the middle of nowhere. The first safari into camp is breathtaking. The endless space and huge sky encompass a plethora of wild species to create a sensory overload. At our first brunch in camp, our guests’ conversation is alive with their wonder at this amazing wilderness in which they find themselves.

It’s all so new, so exciting, so unexpected and so thrilling. And that’s just Day 1!  At the end of that first day, the thing we hear most often is “I don’t know how the rest of the week can get any better!”

That’s when we remind our guests to journal their Tasimba experience. Jotting down their thoughts and feelings will record their safari story and on reflection they will see that indeed it does go on getting better!  We assure them that, by the time we get to Day 3 of our 7 days, so much more will have happened that they may have forgotten what they experienced on Day 1!

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.”

— Anaïs Nin

New Every Day

In this incredible wilderness, there is always so much “new” every day. Mother Nature is brilliant at revealing her many gifts. The behaviour and interactions of wild and bird life in their natural habitat is a never-ending performance of the circle of life. Often, we are privileged to see unique and rare sightings like a newborn elephant calf, a jaw-dropping sunset, birds weaving intricate nests, and the survival dance between predator and prey. Always though we are spectators to an endless reel of spectacular moments.

A family of baboons groom one another in the glow of the setting sun while the adorable little babies frolic amongst the adults.

A lone wildebeest suddenly emerges from the tall, golden grass leaving us to wonder where all his friends might be.

A magnificent and majestic male lion swaggers down to the waterhole to quench his thirst.  With a very full belly from his latest engagement, he will soon settle down for a very lazy night.

An elusive pack of Painted Dog scamper out of the lush green bush to race and play on the sandy road just in front of our jeep.


And That’s Not All!

Each one of these amazing, serendipitous safari experiences are made even more impactful by the encyclopedic knowledge and wisdom of our specially selected guides, who are among the very best in Africa. Because they are with us for the full week, they lead our guests on an ever-deeper understanding of the interconnected wonders of nature.  Our safaris are a journey of endless discovery and awareness amongst much laughter and great camaraderie.

To all this, we add our own Tasimba stimulants to yet further deepen our guests’ experience. Things like thought-provoking topics at our daily ‘Indaba’ (conversation) out in the bush; cultural experiences like a day-long visit to a nearby rural village; and our visiting world-class experts – not to mention all kinds of wonderful and unexpected surprises we conjure!


It All Adds Up

Together with the unique Tasimba advantage of having sole, exclusive occupancy of the entire camp for seven whole days, every thoughtful detail of the entire Tasimba experience adds up to one thing: an extraordinary, unforgettable week that becomes indelibly embedded in guests’ hearts and minds.

Tasimba guests learn in one week more about this unique world they are immersed in, than they ever thought possible. They experience the circle of life in living color. Here, they feel closer to nature and its eternal resilience.  Here, they understand better the crucial need for the conservation of wilderness as an essential part of our planet.

Engaging with Tasimba’s passionate Hosts, our exceptional Guides, the warm and hospitable camp staff, the delightful village people, the dedicated Scorpions Anti-Poaching Unit and all of our wonderful, knowledgeable keystone experts, make the Tasimba week a powerful and lasting impact that will stay with our guests long after they return home.

And seeing how the Tasimba Safari Experience impacted each one of our guests, is truly our greatest reward.

Join a Tasimba safari for an extraordinary experience that will impact your life.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.”

– Alan Alda

Tasimba. Impact Your Life. Naturally

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