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To Name a Few

Tasimba, Safari, Linkwasha, Hwange,The wide, open plains, the watering holes and the acacia and teak forests of Hwange National Park are teeming with life.  In addition to the varied plant life, there are over 400 species of birds and 100 species of mammals in Hwange, making it a game-rich, year-round viewing area.

And wherever there is one winged, furry, horned, toothy or scaly critter there are many.  After you have spent some time on safari you will see how aptly suited their labels are.  To name a few:

A raft, a bloat or a crash of hippos

A bask or float of crocodiles

Ducks in flight are a flock, but once they are on water, ducks are a raft or a paddling

Geese in flight are a skein, but on the ground they are a gaggle

Antelope, impala, springbok and wildebeest are herds

Tasimba, Safari, Linkwasha, Hwange,

You’ve heard of a pride of lions, but probably never heard of a sawt or troop

A leap of leopards

A parliament of owls

Elephants are a herd – or a parade!

A pandemonium of parrots – very aptly named!

A group of cheetahs is a coalition

Zebra are a zeal or a herd – but our favorite is a dazzle

A prickle of porcupines

Buffalo are usually in herds, but sometimes they are a gang or an obstinacy

A quiver of cobras

An intrusion of cockroaches

caroline-culbertA gulp of cormorants

Turtles are a bale, nest or turn

A sedge or seige of cranes

Grasshoppers are a cloud

Guinea fowl are a confusion – just watch them and you’ll see why!

Termites are a colony, nest, swarm or brood

A pack of wild dogs

An army, a colony or a knot of frogs

Foxes interestingly have five group names to go by – a leash, earth, lead, troop and – our favorite – a skulk

A tower of giraffe

A venue of vultures but if they are circling then they are a kettle

A troop or flange of baboons


Let us know any we missed or your own favourites!

Whatever you call the individual species, you’ll see so many different animals on safari with Tasimba in Hwange that you will call them all by just one word: Incredible!   Ahhh! Life abounds!


“Return to old watering holes for more than water; friends and dreams are there to meet you.” – African proverb.


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