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Unique? Yes, really…

The irony of the word ‘unique’ is that the word itself has become so cliché!

In a world in which innovations quickly become commoditized, truly unique offerings are a rare breed.

So many things that claim to be unique really aren’t. They may have one feature that’s a little bit different from others, but that hardly makes the whole product unique.

But when we say that our Tasimba safari is unique, we back that up with tangible differences:

7 uninterrupted days

On most safaris, you’re in one camp for 3 or 4 days before moving on to the next one.  Tasimba guests luxuriate in the superb Linkwasha camp for 7 uninterrupted days.

Tasimba Safari, Dining at Linkwasha, truly unique

No other guests

Typically, safari camps have a ‘revolving door’ every day of guests coming in and out. Our guests enjoy sole, exclusive occupancy of the whole camp entirely to themselves.

2 Top Pro Guides

When you arrive at camp on a normal safari, you will usually be assigned to one wildlife guide for the 3 or 4 days you’re there. Tasimba guests spend their full week under the expert wings of 2 of the most highly qualified guides in all of Africa.

Expert Speakers

Tasimba brings in world-class expert speakers to deepen our guests’ immersion into nature and the wilderness in our daily Indabas (traditional African meetings). Other safaris don’t do anything of the sort.

Extended village visit

Our guests spend a full day in a nearby rural village, meeting with the Headman, visiting the authentic local crafts market and in interactive activities with groups of 6th and 7th Grade Primary School kids; on other safaris, if guests get the chance to go to a rural village at all, it’s more for a photo op than a day-long engagement.

Tasimba Safari, truly unique, Hugh Coppen, Heather Weaver

  • Accompanied and curatedTasimba guests are accompanied for the entire week by our Founder Hugh Coppen, who has a lifelong passion for his African homeland, and our COO Heather Weaver, who ensures that every last detail of the whole wilderness experience exceeds our guests’ expectations. Other safaris simply don’t have that on site, 24/7 personal attention by the safari operator.Off the gridMost safari camps today have WiFi or cell service. Tasimba guests love the freedom of being totally disconnected and off the grid for a week – they tell us it adds immeasurably to their entire experience.

Of course, Tasimba includes all the attributes of Africa’s very best safaris. A luxury camp. Superb accommodation. Sumptuous meals.  A vast private wilderness.  Wonderful wildlife. Virtually no other vehicles. And much more.

But it is our unique attributes that truly separate the Tasimba safari from all others.

Give us just 7 days to exceed your expectations in a genuinely unique safari!

Contact us about our next safari. We’d love to have you join us!

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