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What Makes Tasimba Unique? #1: Sole Occupancy

We are often asked what makes Tasimba so unique in a world in which almost every African safari leaves guests with memorable experiences.

In the next few weeks, we’ll share with you a few of the special benefits that separate our safari experience from all of the other wonderful safari options you can choose from.  Each of our benefits is different from most other safaris; all together, they are what makes the Tasimba Safari Experience so completely unique.

First, let’s start with what we think you should expect on any safari you would want to go on:

      • Prolific wildlife;
      • Superb, comfortable accommodation;
      • Great food and friendly staff;
      • World-class wildlife guides;
      • An unspoiled wilderness; and
      • A commitment to conservation.


Tasimba’s safari home, Linkwasha, in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, gives you all that – and a whole lot more!

Tasimba Difference #1: Sole Occupancy

If there is one single difference-maker above all others that distinguishes Tasimba from every other safari it is this: we take over the entire camp in sole occupancy for the whole week.

The only guests in camp are our Tasimba members. There’s no coming and going of guests in and out of camp every day that happens on other safaris.

Linkwasha, and all of its gorgeous comforts, is your private home in the wilderness for the entire week.  You’ll share it only with others who, like you, chose Tasimba because you wanted a uniquely exclusive, deep immersion into Africa.  In addition to developing lifelong friendships with guests with whom you share this amazing safari experience, you will be captivated by the genuine warmth of the guides and camp staff.

Having the camp all to ourselves, surrounded by a vast private wilderness in which we seldom see another vehicle, makes you feel incredibly privileged to be enjoying the ultimate in safari exclusivity. When you talk to friends or family who have been on safari, none of them will have experienced seven uninterrupted days without any other guests coming in and out of camp!

In future newsletters, we’ll tell you about all the other wonderful benefits that contribute to making the Tasimba safari experience so unique and so extraordinary.  One way or another, they are all rooted in one huge exclusive benefit: sole occupancy!

Click here to watch our ‘Sole Occupancy’ video (67 secs.)


We look forward to welcoming you on an amazing Tasimba Safari Experience in 2019!

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