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Who’s Watching Who?

From the moment our Tasimba guests touch down at the tiny airstrip, they are eagerly watching out for animals.  And, within minutes of starting their first safari drive in to camp, the Linkwasha wilderness starts to reveal her many treasures.

Elephant, impala, zebra, buffalo, cheetah, sable, waterbuck, wildebeest, baboons, lions, giraffe – any of these, and more, may be among the sightings. The pro guides pick out and identify the different wildlife as they drive slowly along the dirt track – and the guests, for whom this is all so new, are wide-eyed in wonder. The clicking of shutters is feverish as they try to capture the best shot to celebrate forever that incredible moment on safari (of which there will be so many more!)

Tasimba - Watching - jeep safari

For us, this is one of the many great rewards of leading a Tasimba safari: observing the amazement of our guests’ first experience of watching wild animals in their natural habitat. This is one of the many reasons why our guests choose Tasimba – and as always, Africa puts on quite the show for them.

Watch and learn

As we get deeper into our week, we notice a change in our guests as they become more familiar with the 100+ mammal and 400 bird species here. Now they are interested to sit quietly by a waterhole or on their private deck in camp observing animal behavior.  The more they watch, the more they listen, the more they learn – and, as every wildlife guide will tell you, the lessons found in nature are never-ending.

Tasimba - Watching - Cape Buffalo

Our guests also realize that, as much as we are watching the animals, they are watching us – only even more intently and usually before we are even aware of them! It’s a safe bet that they know there is only one thing they need to learn from humans – do we mean to harm them?

So, the quieter and more still we sit, the more they relax and resume their important business… which generally has to do with feeding, while keeping an ever-watchful eye on us, of course.

Seven full days gives our guests the unique luxury of time to immerse themselves in this amazing wilderness and to watch and learn from the bounty of wild and bird life around them. What a privilege!

Experience Discovery. On a Tasimba Safari.


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